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Marble Mountain Kennels

Breed:   Labrador Retriever   |   Member Since 11/10/2010
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In which litter or breeding are you interested?
Which gender of puppy would you prefer?
Would you be willing to accept a puppy of the opposite gender if your first choice is unavailable?
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What color of Labrador retriever would you prefer?
If you want a chocolate puppy, what shade would you prefer? (dark chocolate, light "milk" chocolate, or reddish)
If you want a yellow puppy, what shade would you prefer? (dark yellow, medium yellow, reddish yellow, light yellow, or white-yellow)
Do you plan to hunt with your dog?
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If you do plan to hunt with your dog, is "birdiness" important to you?
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Is the boldness of your dog an important trait to you?
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Is it important to you to have a dog with a calm, relatively quiet personality?
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Would you like more information about our "Super Citizen" basic obedience program in which we would train your puppy for 3-4 months before you pick him or her up?
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