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If you have a Site you would like us to add, click here - Breeder listings for cat breeders

ACE Cat Furniture - Unique Cat Furniture including trees, houses, towers, condos, playgrounds, and pet carriers for your kitty. Free shipping on many items.

Pet Food Supply - BAR World is committed to raising the bar on the raw diet. We supply healthy, natural, nutritional and safe raw diet for your pets.

HDW Enterprises & Foothill Felines Bengals & Savannahs - Breeders of Bengals and Savannahs; TONS of information

Fanciers Breeder Referral List - International cat breeder referrals by breed, location, breeder, keyword

Dream Cats! Cat Breeder Directory - Purebred cat breeders directory ... and so much more!

Confessions of a Cat Breeder - Purebred cat breeding, breeder consultations, buying and selling

Cattery Search - Search for a cat breeder by breed, location, cattery

Kravchenko Siberians - Siberian Cat breeder with international champions. Located in FL

BJMarketers - Cat show supplies, excellent cat trees, grooming and flea products, and more!

Jim-An-Di Siamese - Siamese cat breeder since 1990, national show winner

Majesticoon - Founding Maine Coons breeder site in the UK

Show Cats Online - The Online Magazine about pedigreed cats - Siberian cat breeder of hypo-allergenic cats and kittens; Atlanta, GA

Serrano Bengals - Bengal cat breeder, located near Placerville, CA

Cats Central - Breed information, shopping, breeders, links, photos, stories, and more

Pendragon Tonkinese - Tonkinese cat breeder in Florida

Emerald Forest Siberians - Siberian cat breeder in Central NJ

Vagary Mews Manx Cats - Manx cat breeder in northern New Jersey - Directory of cats, kittens, breeders, vendors, and more

Mastrpeace Cattery - Midwest European Burmese cat breeder; brown (sable), lilac, cream, and red - Information, pictures, breeders, and links for Savannah Cats

Mylancoon Maine Coon Cats - Pennsylvania breeder site featuring photos and breed information

Cornish Rex of Coslinkar Cattery - Breeder of Cornish Rex. Located in Australia

Cyber Cat Association - Online site featuring Virtual Cats - Abyssinian cat breeder since 1986, located in North Carolina

Bundas Cattery - Breeder of bengal and savannah cats from foundation to SBT's

Sylvannia - Breeder of Ragdolls, Maine Coons, and Norwegian Forest cats

Incazo Cattery - Breeding beautiful Burmese cats in Sydney, Australia

KWILL Norwegian Forest Cats - Selective breeder in Central New Jersey

Siam Bali Rags - Vet Inspected cattery of excellence; Siamese, Ragdolls, Balinese, Tonkinese

Viking Kat - Norwegian Forest Cat Cattery in New York

Dr. J's Perfect Dolls - Breeder of home-raised, spoiled Ragdolls

Landsker Norwegian Forest Cats - Norwegian Forest Cat breeder with pictures, links, and information

Syltonia Cats and Kittens - Breeder of Maine Coons, Bengals, Burmese, and Siamese