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Working Dog Web - Loaded with dog information and links, focusing on working breeds

Dog Pictures - is a fun dog site with pictures of dogs and more!

Dog Breeders - Dog breeders information rescources. - General information about pet care - For all your pet and petcare needs. - From canaries to cats, dogs to dogfish, we have articles and resources for you!

All About Puppies and Dogs - Your guide to puppies and dogs, which breeds are right for you, how to train and look after them. Recommended products and gifts for dogs and their owners.

Dog Boarding - Dog boarding locations across the USA!

Dog Breed Profiles - Visit for over 200 different full dog breed profiles describing history, physical characteristic, key facts and how to look after them

Great Dog Resources - What makes us different? Original articles and honest reviews of interesting online and local dog resouces.

Pomeranian Information Center - Complete information of the lovable toy dog: the Pomeranian. Stats, training, grooming, feeding, send in questions, fun Pom page

Dachshundlinks - Site with links to sites of interest to dachshund lovers

Pug Center - Everything you need to know about Pugs. Pug Pictures, Pug Videos, Pug Facts, Pug Products, Pug Forum and more... - The ultimate news, entertainment and information resource for dog lovers

Watford German Shepherd Dog Help and Information - we offer free help and advice for concerned gsd owners. we aim to promote responsible gsd ownership

Dog Training and General Information - This site offers training information along with health, treat recipes, and other dog information. You can also shop for your pet or pet loving friend.

Dogs4ever - * Dogs information to help owners and fanciers better understand dog care, health, training, with resources available, including dog rescue, products, breeds, gun dogs.

Pet Locator - United Kingdom - Your FREE pet resource covering dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, goats, birds, mice, rabbits, etc.