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WorkingDogWeb -- Health, Nutrition and Breeding - Site with lots of health information and links

The Effects of Genetic Testing: Constructive or Destructive? - Discussion of the effects of genetic testing

Optigen - Diagnostic lab service and information for genetic diseases in purebred dogs

Eliminating Genetic Diseases in Dogs: A Buyers Perspective - Article discussing genetic diseases in dogs

Bare Bones Introduction to Genetics - Introductory discussion of genetic concepts

Canine Inherited Disorders Database - Up-to-date information on genetic disorders in dogs

Genome News Network - Genetic Testing for Dogs - Canine genetic research, and how it relates to human genetics

A Genetic Primer for Breeders - Introduction to genetics concepts in dogs

Inbreeding and Diversity - Article about the significance of inbreeding in breed development

The Argument for Assortative Mating - Article about the genetics of breeding for type

The Nature of Genetic Disease - Article explaining the genetics and heritability of some diseases

Breeding - Dogs or Pedigrees? - Article discussing basic breeding genetics

Eliminating Genetic Disease - Article on canine genetic diseases and the effort to eliminate them

Dog Owners Guide: Health and Veterinary Information - Excellent collection of articles