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Current Replies for Australian Terriers: Are they considered longback breeds
8/20/2010 9:23:38 PM
Posts: 11
After almost 15 years of breed research I have finally settled on getting an Australian Terrier. I have noticed in pictures they are longer then they are tall. Could it handle a flight of stairs in a two story home over its lifetime? The dogs "spot" will be in my bedroom which is upstairs.
Also does anyone have experience with this breed, how are they like to live with. This will be my first dog and while some may not recommend a terrier for a novice I feel I have the perfect temperment to live with a terrier. I am very patient and I can be exremely stubborn. I am firm and consistant in my training style(I managed to train a foster kitten I had to sit up and raise its paws in the air on command)but I also have a tolerance for eccentricities and a sense of humor. I also believe training is a lifelong experience.
I won't get a puppy for another year so I am going to take my time looking for the perfect puppy.
Thank you if you have any tips or helpful suggestions on raising an Australian Terrier.