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Current Replies for Hello from Sarah in the UK
5/25/2010 2:38:38 PM
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I am new to the forum and just thought I would take the time to introduce myself and say hello.

My name is Sarah and I have been a dog trainer, some say dog whisperer but I am not sure that is an accurate description of me, for a number of years. It started when I was a young girl in rural England, Dorset for those of you who know the country.

I used to teach my dogs to walk to heel and sit, the usual things and I then started doing the same for my friends dogs and this led on to me teaching them how to train their dogs and then teaching their parents how to train their dogs and over the years whenever anyone got a new puppy or a dog from the RSPCA (abandoned / rescue dog pound) I would be asked if I could teach the dog to sit and stay etc.

I love dogs and have a Labrador of my own and the joy of helping people and dogs live together is really what makes me happy.

I hope to learn while I am on the forum and if I can help anyone here just ask.

6/6/2010 1:42:53 PM
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Hello! Which training method do you find to be more helpful, "Possitive" or (what I call) "Old school"? Just curious on what method people are using these days.

I have a 6 month old pup.."OMG" can you say "CRAZY", I love her to death, but I never had a pup so wild. She seems to take a little longer to train. She is so easily distracted.
6/6/2010 1:43:36 PM
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sorry about the signature..gonna delete
6/6/2010 1:44:26 PM
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7/22/2010 7:10:12 AM
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Interested to hear other replies to this. I've had luck starting off with treats, which immediately gets their attention, but combining the reward with praise, then gradually removing the treat some of the time. Eventually, the praise alone is the reward.