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Current Replies for Crate Training
12/1/2009 9:07:29 AM
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Hello All!

I have an 8 week old lab/Border Collie mix who I am completely in love with. She's doing really well, she whines a little when she goes in her crate at night, but she soon settles. My problem is the sheer amount of times she gets up per night.

Here's how it goes:
we lift her water after she has her dinner around 6pm. We play with her, let her have a nap around 7:30, then take her for a walk and play unitl she can't keep her eyes open. When its time for bed she goes in her crate (she's still not too happy abou it) but then she falls asleep. She has always gotten up around 2 to go outside, but then she would usually sleep until 6am. Recently she has begun getting up more. She routinely gets up at 2:00am, but then it seems she whines about every hour. I always get up and take her outside, and she always pees, but I am surprised considering her bladder should be pretty empty. It's fairly obvious she wants to play, but we put her back into her crate and let her whine until she falls asleep again - but then its only for another hour!

Am I doing something wrong or is this a phase? Tips would be very appreciated.

12/2/2009 7:37:49 AM
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Ignore the whining. She's waking up alone and whining to tell you she's lonely. She's training you to let her out when she whines. In general, by eight weeks a puppy should be able to go to bed around 10pm and get up at 6am without peeing the crate. During the day it's a different story (they need to go out at least every 3-4 hours).

12/3/2009 7:45:18 AM
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Thanks so much for the advice - and the sleep!