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Current Replies for puppy behavior question
11/23/2009 12:39:21 PM
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I am a first time dog owner trying to figure out my puppy's behavior. When both myself and my husband are around, our puppy (we've had him for 3 months, he is 5 months old) will not leave my side. He follows me everywhere. If my husband calls him to come over, he'll back away from him and sit at my feet. He will not do something my husband asks him to do (go into his crate or outside for example). But if I tell him to go in his crate...or my husband tells him to when I'm not around...he will do it with no problem. Like I said, this only happens when we are both around at the same time. Anyone have any ideas why?? Is the puppy "protecting me"? Is he scared of my husband??