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Current Replies for Dachshund-PLEASE HELP
10/14/2009 12:56:04 PM
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My new roommate has a Dachshund puppy (8months) and he keeps pooping in my room. I figured I'd try giving keeping my door shut last night but ended up trapping my cat in the room when he had to pee, and he peed on my bf's dirty jeans. My roomie seems to believe it might be my cat but he's NEVER had a problem without being trapped like last night, and it just happened, where I was standing a few minutes ago, andd the cats not inside. They dont spank him and I DONT rub animals faces in thier feces and I'd rather not use a spray bottle of vinegar. It's really putting some stress between me and my roomie though. I cant just move the cats litter box, cause we have a vent thats not connected to the rest of our AC exchange and he comes and goes through there when he needs to go out. Not only that but the dog needs to be housebroken anyways. He doesnt listen well either when you take him outside. Any ideas on the best way to train him? thank you SO MUCH in advance
10/16/2009 6:57:41 AM
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the puppy should be crated when not being directly supervised by you or your roommate. Keep him on a long leash in the house so he can't wander away to poop. He needs to be taken out after he wakes up, eats, and about every two hours until you or the roommate figures out his schedule or puts him on one of your own. Crating is the best option if neither of you is going to watch him closely.