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Current Replies for I NEED HELP!!! PLEASE READ!!!
9/16/2009 11:50:32 AM
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I have just moved in with my boyfriend who has a yr and 1/2 old Akita. Before I moved in me and the Akita were very close and he loved me very much. When I moved in I bought my 2 pound 12 week old pomerianen (sorry about the spelling) We have a bigger house so we keep them seperated, they have met once or twice and nothing has happened but we still keep them apart until my dog gets alittle older.. So here is the problem. Ever since I moved in the Akita isn't getting attention as much, EVERY TIME i lay with my boyfriend he comes up and gets between us, he even peed all over my boyfriends side of the bed almost like marking his dad. Like I will be alone in the kitchen and he will come in and sit and stare at me for like a good 20 mins. Its really starting to scare me because he sleeps on a bed next to ours and I will wake up at night and find him staring at me.. is this normal or is it all in my head?? please help!!
9/17/2009 5:17:57 AM
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The Akita is marking his owner because you have moved in. If he has not been neutered he needs to be. When the dog moves in between you and your boyfriend your boyfriend needs to make him go lay back down. Set aside time for walks or simple training sessions with the Akita and boyfriend so that they can still have bonding time. Slowly you should become involved with training as well. If he pees/marks on things crate him.