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Current Replies for very hyper pup
9/5/2009 9:04:51 AM
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Hi, I have 20 cockapoos they just turned 1 this month. They are very hyper when I walk them one barks at everything the other pulls, they are always jumping up and down, and barking at the window, What I want to know what can I give them to calm them down I need to do something about this its driving me nuts. thanks ps what can I give them over the coounter on a website.
9/5/2009 7:53:14 PM
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Perhaps try placing a few.

Serena Galloway
IGCA rescue Colorado

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9/6/2009 8:36:09 AM
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I agree, you need to find some of them quality homes
9/7/2009 8:57:59 AM
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The best way to get your dogs to calm down is to work with them individually first and get them responding appropriately when they are by themselves. It is much too difficult to get two dogs to behave when they are together unless they already know how to behave independently. This will take work and time but it is very possible to make progress in their behavior in as little as a few hours and great strides in a few days.

One thing that will have the largest impact on their behavior is exercise. You can not train a dog that is too bound up with energy to listen to you. A tired dog is always easier to work with and generally a better behaved dog. You will also need to walk them separately, do some individual training, even take them to different obedience classes. Also start taking them to dog parks separately or get them running outside playing games. This will make a world of difference because right now they are listening to each other and not to you. It will also get them to bond better with you and that alone will make discipline easier.

Many dogs are bored and use barking as an excuse to entertain themselves. You do not want to only pay attention to them when they are barking. You may be giving them all the wrong signals and without knowing it, rewarding bad behavior.

You will need to keep in mind exactly when you are rewarding their behavior. Incorrect rewarding of behavior will cause more negative behavior. You will also need to be consistent. If they are barking in their crates do not let them out until they stop barking. Even if they only stop barking for a minute. Stand outside their crate and wait for them to settle down and only when they are calm should you let them out. Don't give in on this or you will make the problem worse. You can even practice taking them in and out of their crates several times in a row as long as they are quiet. It is amazing how quickly dogs will catch on to this, even young puppies.

Remember exercise and discipline, then reward the behavior.

Good luck!

9/8/2009 4:52:46 AM
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I am "guessing" 20 was a typo?

Well if they are hyper, they need more excersise.. and training.. NOT DRUGS!!!

I suggest you contact a local trainer in your area and get them to some classes..The solution to your problem is work, time and effort.. dogs do not come out of the box trained.. and Giving them drugs to settle them is no solution.. If both are too much to handle togeather.. WALK and work them seperatly..
Till you get some control..

Just a suggestion..Good luck..