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Current Replies for trying to find the right LGD for our farm
8/26/2009 2:05:04 PM
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My husband and I raise beef cattle on our farm. We have been doing research on different breeds of livestock guardian dogs and I am looking for any advise on a breed that would be right for our farm.
We have 80 hd cattle and are having more and more trouble with coyotes and stray dogs all the time. Our farm is 200 acres and is all fenced but only with 5 strand barbwire. We are mostly bordered by woods with the closest neighbor about 1/4 away. We have a small county road on one side. We live in the Ozarks Mountains in Arkansas so I was concerned that it might be to hot for some breeds. We very much like everything we have read about the Anatolian Shepherd. We have always had a pair of blue heelers but our male we had for 10 years died and our female stopped barking and letting us know whats going on. My husband is gone alot at night and I want a dog that will watch over things and let me know whats going on. An opinions or advice about our situation would be appreicated greatly. Thanks
8/26/2009 6:04:51 PM
Posts: 117
have you looked into Beaucerons? What was wrong with the anatolian shep? We will be looking to get a few of those once we have our sheep and other livestock.
8/27/2009 3:06:36 PM
Posts: 20
You might look at the Great Pyrenees or the Australian Shepherd. The Pyr will definatley sound off.
8/27/2009 3:40:56 PM
Posts: 2
We really like the Anatolian Shepherd, we have had different people tell us that they will roam and not know there boundries since we just have barb wire fences. But some others have said they will learn to stay inside the fence when the cows are if they are doing what they are suppose to and guarding the cows. We have been studing them about a month and wanted to be as educated as possible about them. We found some pups and both parents are LGD dogs and guard cattle, the pups aren't ready yet but she told us to come a see what we thought about the parents. And for us to tell her what we are looking for in a pup and she will pick the pup she thinks will do the best job for us. So I guess this will be the next step.