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Current Replies for Dog does her 'business' on our clothing - need help!
8/26/2009 10:38:52 AM
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We are first-time dog owners. A month ago, we adopted a 4-yr-old female Lab mix. She's been great; fairly well trained, and seems to know her place in the household. We recently discovered, though, that when we're away for our normal 7-hour work day stretch, she's been peeing on any clothes that we might have out on the floor (both clean and dirty laundry, folded and unfolded). She even pooped on a pile of folded laundry last week.

This is remedied obviously by not leaving clothes on the floor, and keeping doors to bedrooms shut while we’re away (she will NOT go on the carpet, otherwise). This isn’t always easy, however, since we have two small boys who tend to forget. I wonder if this is normal behavior? Does this sound like a type of separation anxiety, or the need to "go" more often? Is there a bigger, underlying problem that we need to address? Any advice would be very helpful.
8/26/2009 4:31:43 PM
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Its a dominance issue. She is telling you she is in charge. You need to either confine her while you are gone, or try some obedience classes where she will learn YOU are the one who is alpha...not her.

Serena Galloway
IGCA rescue Colorado

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8/26/2009 6:01:10 PM
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This might not help you, but I notice "if and when" my dogs potty in the house it is on clothes or something "textured". (Like a pile of papers or something.) I think its because if they were outside they would rather go on something textured (GRASS) than something that's not textured (DRIVE WAY)...hope that makes sense? lol

Def. take her to obedience class though!
8/31/2009 10:10:58 AM
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Thank you for the suggestions!
9/3/2009 4:24:22 AM
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I have found MANY dogs given the chance will pee on somthing other than the floor.. It is a texture thing..also they do develop a prefrence for surfaces... Not sure why.. but they do.. A lot of dogs ironically WILL soil a bed if they have a prefrence for somthing soft.. I have had many puppies over the years do this.. I suspect she actually may have developed the prefrence before you even got her.. she most likely did not like to pee where it would splash.. etc.. and picked somthing "softer"

For me.. it is bedding in the crate.. I have never really been able to give soft blankets or towels to my puppies.. they almost always will pee on them... in some cases I Have had them choose a dog bed or pile of laundry too.. esp with puppies..between the 4-6 months age..
I do not see that it is a dominance issue.. just the dog does have some concept of the do not go on the floor.. and add to that a prefrence for a partular surface.. I have seen this behavior enough and there has been little link to actual personal items.. or marking.. that I think that some dogs just do it..

Couple of suggestions.. 7 hours is really TOO long for 4 month old dog.. see if you can find someone to let her out during the day.. I know she "perhaps" can hold it but ideally she should be getting a mid day potty break..

Every dog I have had that has done similar.. has outgrown the behavior..BTW..
couple of ideas.. of couse a mid day break would be helpfull.. but you can try these also if that is not possible..

unless it is very hot day.. or the dog has a medical condition.. you can withold/limit water during the day.. Make sure she has acces to it when you get home of course..

Pick up or confine her to a crate/smaller area. A crate is very easy to control.. but kinda not ideal..but can be used.. a smaller area/room would be ideal so the dog can move around.. and far easier to control the laundry/clothes issue with the kids.. a baby gate works great..

Make sure.. she has a good run/walk BEFORE you leave.. Excersise stimulates the bowels.. so she will poop before you leave..this will also help her relax during the day..
at this age it is ok to make the AM meal a smaller portion..try out feeding her a bit smaller meal, and both a bit earlier/later before you leave.. I have had dogs that both worked..

Hope this helps..

Amanda Bushee
Muddyfeet Aussies