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8/25/2009 12:13:17 PM
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My husband and I have a one year old un-neutered male named Alex. He is the sweetest little thing and everyone just adores him, but recently my husband and I have moved in with my parents temporarily and they have two Boston Terriers, Charlie a female who is about 7 yrs old and Brew, a male who is about 4 yrs old. Alex has known these two since the day we got him and the three of them have never had a problem. Recently during feeding times Alex would become aggressive towards Brew while we were preparing their meals. Unfortunately this has caused Brew to be on his toes and go after Alex for no reason. The past few days have been much better though, last night Alex and Brew were playing and chasing each other around the house, although they are always being watched at all times. I know this has to be a sign of Alex being food aggressive b/c the other day my brother had his three year old male Boston Terrier over and a piece of lettuce dropped on the floor and Rubin tried going after it and Alex apparently went after him. Other than that incident Alex and Rubin are always the oneS playing together and get so excited to see each other.As of right now before meal time we have been putting Alex in his crate before we even take the food bowls out, but I have heard this may not be the right thing to do??? I really want to help Alex before it gets any worse. The other thing to, is he is fine when my family and I are eating, he doesn’t go after the others, it is only if food falls by mistake or when he knows it is their feeding time. I also know that Bulldogs do have a reputation of being aggressive but Alex has shown no other sign other than food aggression, and I would like to correct this so no other problems develop in the future. We are planning to have him neutered by the end of September, if not sooner. Please Help!!! Monkey's Mommy
8/26/2009 4:55:33 AM
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For one...neuter him, and if your parents male isnt neutered he should be neuterd as well.

IF your free feeding them. STOP! feed them in individual crates. If your dog is the one being most aggressive. Feed him last. Give the other dogs attention first, then him, so he learns he is NOT the are. Keep a spray bottle handy and if they get into it, spray them.

its a territorial squabble that is going to get worse if you do not stop it now. This is your parents dogs territory, and your dog is intruding and upsetting the balance of power. This will take time to settle out, but you have to make sure you are in control of it, until everyone finds their own place in the new pack order.

Serena Galloway
IGCA rescue Colorado

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