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Current Replies for My dogs aggerssion is becoming dangerous
8/23/2009 7:34:23 PM
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I really need help. My 15 month old Male Alaskan Malamute has slowly been becoming more and more aggressive over the past few months. In fact he has now bitten 3 people, no severe wounds but it was bad. I have recently been laid off and forced to move in with my parents for financial reasons, they are afraid of being sued over his a future attack, and want me to get rid of him. He goes after every guest that comes over, not right away though, it seems to come out of no where when he attacks. I don't think I can afford a behaviorist, I tried a trainer from barkbusters and frankly the guy they sent had no idea what he was doing, and my dog attacked him. I don't think i have it in me to get rid of him or even worse put him down. Will a remote shock collar help? I don't like the idea of shocking him but i don't know what else to do. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I desperately want to find a way to keep my best friend.
8/24/2009 5:05:11 AM
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Your dog has issues.

I am with your parents. Is it worth someone getting seriously hurt, and being sued? If you are not in a place to handle your dog, and temperament is an inherited trait, then you need to do what is right.

Do not think a rescue group will take him, because i can tell you that if someone turns a dog over to us that is a KNOWN biter, we will euthanize it. We cannot risk the liability, nor can we risk the harm a dog might do.

Serena Galloway
IGCA rescue Colorado

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8/26/2009 7:39:12 AM
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Go to Leerburg Kennels web-site. This is a guy who raises and trains protection dogs. He is a bit rough around the edges But, he has a DVD called Dealing with Dominate and Agressive Dogs that is very good. It takes you back to the basics and helps you determine if you are truly dealing with an aggressive/dominate dog or a fearful dog. He also walks you thru how to start over with your dog.

Your parents are correct, you all have a huge liability issue. That being said, make sure your dogs is always under your control until you can determine if he can be re-trained. That means he's in a crate when ANYONE comes over, no exceptions. If he's outside to potty, you go with and he's on a 6ft leash. Never give him a chance to do the wrong thing, period. It's totally your responsibilty to keep your dog safe from being euthanized for a bite, and your responsibility to keep everyone else safe from being bitten. You can do these things but it takes commitment!

I would also recommend that you take your dog to a vet and make sure he is well. They should do a complete physical including such things as checking his thyroid, eyes, ears, and look for pain need to have medical reasons for his behavior ruled out.

Lastly, I can give you a bit of hope. I got one of our puppies back as a 18 month old dog. Having bred this dog, I knew he was carefully bred, healthy and came from generations of dogs with wonderful temperaments. When he came back to me he was unpredictable, fearful and I was seriously concerned. He would be friendly and then just snap-out of the blue. I also consulted various trainers-none of which were not capable of helping me. They did not have the skills this dog required. I almost put him down. I decided to throw my all into re-training him, got the Leerburg DVD and went to work. It was difficult to re-think my known training methods in the beginning. But, this dogs life depended on it! In the end, the dog was rehabilitated and rehomed. He is now a five year old, happy and stable dog. It took finding the exact right home though. His obedience is a daily thing, even to this day... so when I say it takes a commitment...I mean a life long commitment.

I hope this works out for you and your dog.
9/3/2009 4:37:34 AM
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Please untill it is understood what specific triggers this dogs have.. using such devices such as a shock collar and force training or even redirection type training could be a depsastar..

The tuth is NO resuce can take your dog.. the libility is unforuntaly to high..

you do need to seek advise and help from a QUALIFIED behaviorist.. I know it is expensive.. but the reality is.. your dog IS facing a death sentance here.. this is the truth.. the dog cannot be given away, placed or surrenderd as he is now.. you are you lible if you place him.. and he bites someone.. you will be lible if he bites someone in your home.. BOTH situations equal $$$ so some money and time getting a propper consultation is money well spent..

As far as the barkbusters trainer.. have you tried any of the recommendations? If your dog has such aggression issues.. than NO trainer is going to be able to just come over and work your dog.. and provide a "fix" like you see on TV... Did they make any suggestions? Are you trying them? also they do offer follow ups and consultations so since you paied for this service use it as much as possible..
To work with your dog.. is going to require a carefully planned out plan and a considerable amount of work by you.. obeservation by a qualified trainer behaviorist to determine his triggers.. and LOTS of homework on your part..

I wish you luck