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Current Replies for New Puppy information
8/11/2009 10:35:07 AM
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My wife and I just got an 8 week old Yorkie. We work all day but we have been able to come home at lunch and let him go outside to pee and pooh if needed. Our puppy is really good with going on the pee pad and outside. We havent had many accidents since getting him.

During the day and at night we keep him in a doggie playpen where he has a bed, food and pee pad. This playpen is in our kitchen which in on the main floor.
The Yorkie now whines in the early mornings, we ignore him until we get up. My question is should we bring the puppies bed or whole playpen upstairs into our room? I am not a big fan of him sleeping in our bed. Would this lesson the whinning.

My only concern is that I have carpet upstairs and he may have an accident through out the night. Or maybe we should keep him in our washroom. My wife doesnt like the idea of crating the puppy.

We are comfortable with him peeing on a pad when were out.
Does anyone have any advice for us?

8/12/2009 11:14:55 AM
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My feeling is that 8 weeks is a little early for a Yorkie to be leaving the litter, so you may have some separation anxiety issues that you wouldn't had if he'd stayed with the breeder another 3-4 weeks. Don't panic. There are lots of schools of thought on that, and many people think 8 weeks is just fine.

However, I think you should give him a little more attention than you would an older pup. Go ahead and check on him when he whines in the early mornings -- for a while, at least. Don't make a big deal about it. Get up, take him outside to his pee spot, give him a treat if he goes, then put him right back in his playpen and go back to bed. You want to let him know you're there for him but you don't want to make it overly fun so he thinks he's up for the day and it's playtime.

If that's not working for you, consider letting him sleep in a crate in your room. That way he gets the closeness without being able to soil the room. But, again, if he whines in the early morning, you're going to have to take him out for the "all-business" pee break. Once he stops peeing when being let out, then you can start ignoring the whines.

The most important thing you can do is socialize with lots of people and other dogs. By leaving the litter at 8 weeks, he missed out on some of the lessons he would have gotten from his siblings and mom. This is especially true with little dogs, who have a tendency to need more time to build their confidence. Ideally, wait a week after he's had his first set of shots and make 100 percent certain that the dogs you're socializing with are current on their shots. Also, socialize in an area where there's no waste that could be infected by a nonimmunized dog.

I'm no expert, just a Yorkie lover, but that's what I'd do. Good luck!