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Current Replies for Dog Breed
7/27/2009 3:40:31 PM
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his is going to seem like a very strange question, but i was reading a magazine at work today called Zoo - not the classiest, but passes the lunch hour and there I saw a monkey riding on the back on a dog - nothing strange there I hear you cry as the Sun newspaper reported on this on 24-10-08. It was the article about Tiger Cup coming and looking after an orphaned monkey.
Now it happens that earlier in the year my partner and I went to the local dogs home and adopted a dog that we called Dylan, the RSPCA and 2 vets have not been able to tell us what breed he is and not long ago i was tavelling home and stopped on the motorway and a nice lady said ooh what breed is that dog to which we replied a heinz variety, she thought he had some Akita in him due to his curling over tail, but i wasn't too sure.
Anyways we forgot about it until this article and looking on line and finding your article, our Dylan is the total spit to your picture including the black spot on his left cheek.
Is there anyway / chance anyone could help by telling us or find out the breed of our dog, please (just ignore the monkey - we haven't got one of those
8/12/2009 5:21:52 PM
Posts: 117
Looks like a jack russell to me