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Current Replies for corgi Agility
7/22/2009 5:39:04 PM
Posts: 5
i have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who is three years old
he is pretty smart but he gets distracted easy he can
sit laydown rollover spin playdead stay wait tack it touch and many other basic tricks
but there is certain ones he will not do he has been in agility contests befor and he does all the obsticals besides the tunnals
what should i do to train him to do this?
he also has troble with the tire jumps any one know how to train him to do this?----
corgis rox
7/22/2009 9:32:37 PM
Posts: 137
For both problems, you could start by just getting him to walk through a hula hoop. Just keep it on the ground and get him going through it reliably.

You'll then need a tunnel that you can squish so that it's very short. You don't start out expecting them to run through a tunnel 12 feet long. You start out with them going through tunnels that are like a foot long. Have someone hold him at the one end, you coax through from the other with your voice and a high value treat. Over time, as he does it reliably, stretch the tunnel out gradually so it gets longer and longer.

My tire jump is a motorcyle tire all wrapped in coloured duct tapes. Of course, you can make them from other materials, too. It shouldn't be very hard, I'd think, to graduate him from walking through a hula hoop to walking through a real tire. You can even set it up in a doorway in your house somewhere that he goes through throughout the day. Gradually raise it a bit so he has to jump a bit.

Take your time laying out groundwork and basics before you ask for more.
7/23/2009 2:58:08 PM
Posts: 5
thank you i will try this----
corgis rox