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Current Replies for California Dogs Face Disaster On Tuesday
6/29/2009 7:59:56 AM
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Urgent California Dog Owners Alert!

Economic ‘Armageddon’ Overshadows Assembly Hearing
Tuesday On Statewide Spay/Neuter Bill That Will Result
In Deadly Disaster For Dogs, Jobs, Businesses And People

American sporting Dog Alliance

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SACRAMENTO, CA – (June 28, 2009) – A Tuesday hearing has been scheduled before the Assembly Committee on Business and Professions on Senate Bill 250, which would result in the forced sterilization of millions of dogs and cats in California, and lead to the abandonment and euthanasia of possibly hundreds of thousands of family pets that now have good homes.

SB 250, which shocked dog owners by passing the Senate by a 21-16 margin on June 2, comes at a time when California’s economy has been described as “economic Armageddon.” Immediate action by dog owners is required to stop this economic disaster zone from causing the death of many beloved companion animals.

There is a strong message in the California situation for residents of every other state that is considering animal rights legislation that would place further burdens on already beleaguered pet owners. What’s happening in California mirrors what is happening all across the country to a somewhat lesser degree.

In California, the official unemployment rate has soared to 11.5-percent, real unemployment is estimated at 20-percent, home foreclosures and business failures are the highest in the nation and approach Great Depression levels, state government is facing an immediate $24.3 billion budget deficit and is planning to pay its bills with IOU’s, and essential services are being decimated. Some communities already have been forced to eliminate fire protection, cut their police forces, shutter services and close schools. In addition, more than $15 billion in tax increases are being proposed, massive layoffs of state and municipal employees are planned, an energy tax alone would result in the loss of an estimated 10,000 jobs, prisoners would be dumped in the streets and most would no longer have probationary supervision, and elderly, disabled and blind people would lose $1.4 billion is state benefits, programs to help them remain in their homes, and protections that now allow them to save their homes from tax sales. The state’s future will be mortgaged by $10.3 billion in loans to keep government afloat and by the deterioration of infrastructure such as roads and bridges.
"Our wallet is empty, our bank is closed, and our credit is dried up," California Governor Arnold Schwarznegger said last week.
Yet the California Legislature is recklessly speeding toward passing SB 250, which will add immeasureably to those economic problems and create disaster for people and animals on many levels, in spite of a clear warning by the state Department of Finance.
Here is the conclusion of the Department of Finance: “This bill would result in a substantial increase to the General Fund…to reimburse local government shelters’ cost to care for impounded animals. Given the current economic climate, requiring the owners of dogs and cats to pay for sterilization procedures would result in more animals being abandoned or surrendered because of the owners' inability to finance the sterilization procedure and pay additional fines.”

That means millions more healthy and adoptable animals will be euthanized at animal shelters that are already swamped by dogs and cats that had to be abandoned by their owners due to home foreclosures and job losses. When people lose their homes, pets become homeless, too. When people lose their jobs, they cannot afford to sterilize animals or even take care of them in many cases. The inevitable result is a rapid increase in abandonment and euthanasia at animal shelters.

Such is the murderous intent of the animal rights movement, which seeks to gradually eliminate animals from American life. Its immediate goal is to force people to sterilize or euthanize as many dogs and cats as possible, and SB 250 was written for this reason. Our research has clearly documented that spay/neuter mandates in Los Angeles, other California communities and elsewhere have bankrupted animal control programs and led to large-scale pet abandonment and rapid rises in shelter euthanasia rates. Our research shows a 30-percent increase in shelter euthanasia and a 20-percent increase in admission rates since the Los Angeles ordinance was passed a year ago.

The statewide consequences are inevitable if SB 250 becomes law.

The American Sporting Dog Alliance is urging all California dog owners to take immediate action to stop SB 250, which will have tragic results for people and animals, and represents fiscal insanity by the Legislature in the current failing economy. Suggestions on how to take action will follow later in this report.

We understand that California dog owners are facing exhaustion after spending two years in a grueling fight to defeat AB 1634 last year. Because of this exhaustion and frustration, participation by dog owners in the fight against the current 2009 legislation has fallen off sharply. People are growing tired of constantly having to fight to save their animals and preserve their rights.

However, we must emphasize that withdrawing from this fight is not an option if we want to save the animals that we love. If we stop fighting, many of our dogs and can’s will pay the price with their lives. We cannot allow that to happen.

To read the rest of this report, the details of the legislation and what to do about it, please go to:

You are welcome to visit our website or write.