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Current Replies for Problem: a barking dog at night
5/28/2009 1:40:00 AM
Posts: 2
This has been something recent with our almost 7 year old mutt...part pit, part chow, part shepard. He's kept at night in a large cage and lately it seems he likes barking at different times of the overnight. I always walk him for about a half mile late in the evening and sometimes he eats before...sometimes after. What is odd is that when one of us goes downstairs and reads or watches TV, he stops. But we are afraid that by doing this..he knows we will come down and will bark so we will come down. Our problem is we wish to get a good night's sleep without spending time awake. I don't know if there are foods that help dog sleep..or even light medication or if there are things we can do so he will sleep right through.
5/31/2009 5:25:49 PM
Posts: 97
Easy solution is to put the crate in your room- the dog already knows that barking brings you downstairs. Otherwise why is he being crated at night- at his age he is less likely to be destructive. Is he also being crated during the day?
6/1/2009 3:38:36 PM
Posts: 75
It's not clear from your posts, but is he sleeping in another room than you? That's the impression I get. Maybe he just loves you so much he'd like to sleep and hang out where you are, and the barking would stop. Is that an option?
deutsches Schaf
6/11/2009 1:06:57 PM
Posts: 3
It sounds like that your dog has a loss of control.
How is it during the day? Is it following you all the time?
Can it be kept alone in the car?
How is the behaviour at the leash, is it straining?
When does it start to bark? How long does it last?

Maybe you can write a bit more.
Somtimes dogs control their owners, because of too much freedom, and space around them.
Then, when they are alone and can not see the holder or kept in a cage, they get a loss of control, cause what they controlled during the day is not there to see and control during the night.
That is a serious problem, when nothing is done the behaviour will get worse.
First, try how your dog reacts, when you do not put it in the cage.
What you should do is take the dog under your control. Let him not follow you and leave it during the day alone for a few minutes, but not seperated in the kennel.

Discribe, when visiting this page again, more of your dogs behaviour.

deutsches Schaf