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Current Replies for Warnings about Flea Treatments
5/21/2009 10:22:39 AM
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Any advice or new information about the different news articles saying that many of the most popular Flea & Tick Treatments recommended by vets are poisoning our pets. This includes over the counter brands as well as Frontline Plus, Advantage, etc. Has anyone ever heard anything about the product Comfortis? Oklahoma is a very bad area for fleas and ticks. I have one dog that is very sensitive to flea baths and dips.

Is there a safe product to treat my backyard for ticks & fleas this year? Trying to get rid of weeds and have grass (not mud) Anything recommended that is safe whe you have pets??
5/27/2009 7:05:03 AM
Posts: 112
I have had very good luck with diatomacious earth. We use it on our yard (it's a bit messy to put down). It is completely safe. Make sure you purchase food grad DE and not the stuff for swimming pool filters! There is a ton of info on the net about DE's benefits, check it out.

While I don't know about the "poisoning" of our animals regarding flea products, I will say that I have choosen to only use them medicinally-not preventatively. Meaning, I have only put it on my dogs once during a flea outbreak. They are all between 4-10 years old and have only had flea products in their systems once during their lives instead of a constant stream. It can't be good to have to have constant flow of some chemical running throughout their systems.
5/29/2009 12:14:51 PM
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I am not a fan of the chemical products. My dog has had negative side effects from them. I like to search for herbal remedies for anything I can help prevent. I bookmarked a site that lists a few natural ways of preventing both fleas and ticks. I can't speak for everyone else, but I've been following it for a couple years now and it's worked great. This is coming from someone who takes their dog to parks and hiking trails often. Even if it isn't 100% effective, the general health of my dog has improved.
5/31/2009 5:06:03 AM
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I just love folks who come on here,...and make ONE post, on a very old topic...flogging a product that is obviously something they are involved in the marketing of....

Serena Galloway
IGCA rescue Colorado

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