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Current Replies for Dog Anxiety? Looking for help
5/14/2009 10:46:26 AM
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We have a 5 year old male Lhasa Apso. The problem we're having is that 4 out of the past 8 nights, he has clawed at the door to the room he sleeps in until he left blood on the door and floor by the door.

He's slept in the same spot for 2 years now - in our basement, right next to the dryer. He has always been anxious when it storms, which it did 2 of the 4 nights he clawed the door. The other two nights, he may have heard thunder in the distance (although we didn't hear it; a neighboring town got hit with hail and then rain). He's never liked storms, but it was never a problem; he's just tremble and keep right on our heels until it was over. It's awful - in addition to the fact that the poor guy is, for reasons unknown to us, clawing himself to ribbons, there is blood all over the floor and he tracks it as he walks back to his bed, which is just unsanitary (which is the least of the two worries - just throwing it in the mix b/c it is a concern).

I'd like to know two things; one, if anyone has any suggestions for stopping the clawing, and two, why he just started this. We bought a pressurized baby gate, thinking maybe the closed in room bothered him and we'd leave the door open to the next room for him, and he chewed it up and clawed at it until he bled last night (and he's not a chewer - we have to bribe him to take bones by leaving meat on them). We live in a 3-story house (including the basement) - I don't want him on the middle floor, because he's clawed the door and door frame in the basement (it will have to be replaced), I don't want to have to replace more doors, and we have hardwood on the middle floor. He can't sleep upstairs with us while it storms; we've tried that, and he whines and licks himself to soothe himself all night. We thought of crating him (which we haven't done since we potty trained him), but I really don't think it will stop him from clawing the door of the crate until he bleeds.

Any ideas/theories, or anything out there at a pet supply store that might help him?
5/15/2009 5:28:57 AM
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The dog is terrified. Next time you have a storm GO GET THE DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and comfort him.

Would you leave a terrified child locked in a room during a thunderstorm?

Your dog is a lap breed, meaning they like to be where their humans are and it appears you have him locked in the basement 2 stories below you. Get a nice crate, bring him upstairs into your bedroom, set the crate where he can see you, and put him to bed in it at night.

Try Rescue Remedy to calm him before bed, and make sure he feels secure and comfortable. Yes it will take time to work, but if you do not correct it now, you are going to make a dog with serious seperation anxiety issues, who will only get worse.

Serena Galloway
IGCA rescue Colorado

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5/15/2009 4:24:31 PM
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Will definately try Rescue Remedy. We were just really thrown for a loop because he's never freaked out during a storm that badly - he always just acted like he was nervous.
deutsches Schaf
6/11/2009 12:40:23 PM
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rescue remedy will not help. It only deals with the symptom, not the cause and the dog can not learn something from the situation.
Anxiety will get worse (to manifest itself) whithout help, as you discribe it.

In this special situation move your dog. Put it on the leash and go (inside the house).
This will do good for the stress management, the stress is better to handle while moving. Don't stop go as long as your dog needs it and try do give it some food from your hand while you are moving.

When you see, that your dog looks at you and the stress has come down, take it to its place and give it a piece of food, wait a little bit and reward again, retry this for a time.
Don't go away from your dog, because it needs you in this very special moment.

Maybe you have to repeat it twice or several times, but then your dog knows that on storm he just needs its place. Because on this place he had no stress, he had the movement bevor and you where there all the time. So in future it will not have stress on it and goes there but to bother you.

Deutsches Schaf