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Current Replies for new puppy advice
4/30/2009 5:49:41 AM
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Hi! I am getting a new puppy and would love any advice. I have a 6 yr and 3 yr old and they want to be part of raising the puppy. What can I have them do to help. We picked out our male cockapoo puppy last night and will be able to bring him home in two weeks. We are so excited. I do plan on crate training so the puppy can have somewhere to go when they need some alone time as well as sleep at night. Where should I put the crate at nigth? Our house is very open, so it is hard to decide. When we were growing up we always kept them in the laundry room, but ours is in basement in our storage area. I am borrowing a pen from a friend so I can contain the puppy in something when my kids are running around. Should I leave the puppy pen in the middle of all the chaos or should I put him in a room upstairs while all this is going on. He is so tiny I do not want him to get hurt when they are in rough playing mode with each other. Any books anyone can recommend that I read to them about puppies? Also, type of crate I should purchase? I want one that I can move pretty easily when we have people over. Also, since I am a stay-at-home mom with a busy household should I be putting the puppy into crates for naps? I have never had a small dog before and want to be careful. Our last one was a Portuguese Water Dog and I wanted something smaller and calmer since I have young children. That is all I can think of now, but will probably think of more later. Thank you very much!!!
deutsches Schaf
6/14/2009 2:57:18 PM
Posts: 3
Hi mezza,

the pup should always be with you. Where you are is the puppy and where the puppy is there are you.
Otherwise you don't know what experiences it does when alone.
At night take it with you in the bedroom. Then you know when to let it out.

A dog is a high socialist individuum and should not be left alone.
Maybe you force a "sound anxiety" by putting it away. What the puppie is not alowed to learn will fear it later on.
Only you can answer your question what crate to purchase.
There are no rules, just have a look at that the crate is big enough for the puppie to lay fully in.