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Current Replies for Fire Maine Kennel Czar
4/12/2009 2:38:50 PM
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Fire Maine Animal Welfare Chief

Petition Drive Urges Tourism Boycott of Maine If
Worley’s Draconian Kennel Legislation Passes

American Sporting Dog Alliance

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AUGUSTA, ME – The American Sporting Dog Alliance is calling for the immediate replacement of Maine Animal Welfare Director Norma Worley, who has run roughshod over the rights of dog owners in what can only be described as official oppression by a rogue governmental agency gone mad.

Worley has demonstrated a lifetime of animal rights movement fanaticism, and has clearly used her powerful position to crusade for her beliefs. While we defend Worley’s right to hold whatever beliefs she chooses, we believe it is wholly inappropriate for someone with a crusader mentality to head a state regulatory agency.

Worley engineered LD 964, which casts a net over most hobby breeders. The bill faces an April 15, 2009 public hearing before the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry.

It is imperative for Maine dog owners to take decisive action to stop this bill before April 15, as it builds the legal framework to destroy the dog fancy in Maine. We are urging Maine dog owners to contact members of the committee immediately to express strong opposition to LD 964, and to attend the hearing and testify if possible.

However, we don’t think this goes far enough. The American Sporting Dog Alliance also is asking dog owners across the country to sign our petition calling for the immediate termination of Worley’s employment, replacing her with someone who is not hostile to kennel owners, and the sound defeat of LD 964.

If those actions are not taken, the petition calls for a complete boycott of travel to Maine for vacations, business, hunting or fishing, dog events or any other reason. Our goal will be to remove at least $1 billion from Maine’s economy, and we will suggest that dog owners spend that money in other states or Canadian provinces that are dog-friendly.

It is time for dog owners to fight fire with fire. Quite frankly, we are tired of being used as punching bags by the animal rights movement. It’s time to stop placating these fanatics and fight back.

We must emphasize that the petition is for nonresidents only. It simply is too dangerous for Maine residents to sign this kind of petition, because of numerous reports that Maine kennel owners who have criticized the Bureau or the proposed legislation have been targeted for enhanced enforcement of state regulations in an attempt to intimidate them into silence.

Here is a link to our petition: . Our goal is to get several thousand signatures quickly, and more than 100,000 in the coming month. Please send the link to your friends and ask them to sign, and also to pass it on to their friends.

The petition will be delivered directly to Gov. John E. Baldacci, Agriculture Commissioner Seth “Brad” Bradstreet III and key leaders in the Maine legislature. Nonresidents also should contact Gov. Baldacci and Commissioner Bradstreet directly to urge Worley’s immediate dismissal and replacing her with someone who is supportive of dog owners and breeders. Their email addresses are and .

We do understand that a boycott would be unfair to many Maine business owners, but ask them to understand that dog owners are fighting for their lives. We also ask Maine business owners to support us on this petition, as we have supported their businesses for many decades and hope to again in the future, if Maine once again becomes a safe place for dog owners.

To read the complete article, please go to

The American Sporting Dog Alliance represents owners, breeders and professionals who work with breeds of dogs that are used for hunting. We also welcome people who work with other breeds, as legislative issues affect all of us. We are a grassroots movement working to protect the rights of dog owners, and to assure that the traditional relationships between dogs and humans maintains its rightful place in American society and life. We will not compromise on any legislation that takes away the fundamental constitutional rights of dog owners, or which reduces us to second-class citizens. The American Sporting Dog Alliance also needs your help so that we can continue to work to protect the rights of dog owners. Your membership, participation and support are truly essential to the success of our mission. We are funded solely by your donations in order to maintain strict independence.
Please visit us on the web at . Our email is .