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Current Replies for Dog Legislation Advances In Eight States
4/10/2009 10:41:38 AM
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Dog Legislation On Brink In Eight States

Ohio, California, Indiana, Texas, Delaware,
Washington, Oklahoma And Tennessee

American Sporting Dog Alliance

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Legislation that would severely restrict the ability to raise high quality purebred dogs in a home environment is advancing rapidly in several states:

· In Ohio, new legislation was introduced this week that defines a breeding dog as any dog that is not spayed or neutered, and creates a new state Kennel Authority with the power to write and enforce regulations without legislative oversight.

· In California, the 13th reincarnation of last year’s failed bill to mandate spaying and neutering of all dogs faces a hearing before the Senate Local Government Committee on April 15. This bill would force the sterilization of any dog that is accused of being in violation of any animal law, even if the allegation is not proven. A second bill, AB 1122, has many dog owners very concerned about its impact on raising or competing with dogs.

· In Indiana, legislation that defines many serious hobbyists as “puppy mills” has passed both the House and Senate, faces a conference committee to resolve differences, and may be sent to the governor soon. Similar legislation is moving quickly in Washington and Oklahoma. While dog owners working with the American Sporting Dog Alliance have caused amendments to improve all three bills, the results still fall short of protecting our rights.

· Texas breeding legislation continues to be contained in committee, but animal rights groups are lobbying hard and a major push by dog owners is needed to make sure it stays in committee.

· And Tennessee legislation aimed at people who raise dogs is moving fast in both houses of the Legislature, and a hearing on similar legislation in Delaware was postponed after dog owners working with the American Sporting Dog Alliance filed strong objections.

Each of these states will be profiled separately below. They are part of a 34-state legislative push by the radical Humane Society of the United States that has resulted in more than 179 pieces of animal rights legislation targeting dog owners nationwide. Information about this legislation compiled by the Cat Fanciers Association also is profiled below.

To read the full report about these eight states, and also the CFA report on all 34 states that face HSUS legislation, please open the following link:

The American Sporting Dog Alliance represents owners, breeders and professionals who work with breeds of dogs that are used for hunting. We also welcome people who work with other breeds, as legislative issues affect all of us. We are a grassroots movement working to protect the rights of dog owners, and to assure that the traditional relationships between dogs and humans maintains its rightful place in American society and life. We will not compromise on any legislation that takes away the fundamental constitutional rights of dog owners, or which reduces us to second-class citizens. The American Sporting Dog Alliance also needs your help so that we can continue to work to protect the rights of dog owners. Your membership, participation and support are truly essential to the success of our mission. We are funded solely by your donations in order to maintain strict independence.
Please visit us on the web at . Our email is .