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3/24/2009 4:19:23 PM
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Compassionate Alternatives
For Dogs During Recession

Santa Barbara Situation Illustrates New Possibilities

American Sporting Dog Alliance

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SANTA BARBARA, CA (March 24, 2009) A task force is close to concluding its work on alternatives to reduce the number of homeless pets in Santa Barbara County, California.

In the past, we have asked elected officials to rely on logic, common sense and the facts, which clearly refute the need for mandatory measures to force the sterilization of pets.

In this report, we also are elected officials to use compassion for animals as a necessary part of the equation. We also believe that this report has direct bearing on several other states and municipalities across America that are considering spay/neuter mandates in these recession-plagued times.

Most Americans love animals, and that is true of most people on both sides of the debate over mandatory spay and neuter laws. This report is meant to speak to people on both sides of the issue, although we recognize that it will not influence the small but vocal minority of people who are animal rights activists who want to eliminate domestic animals from American life.

For the rest of us, the American Sporting Dog Alliance urges compassion for the dogs and cats we love that are among the most frequent victims of the current American economic crisis.

Few people would argue that America is not in the throes of a deep recession, and some would call it a full-fledged depression. For people, that has meant the loss of jobs, the loss of homes and the destruction of economic reserves that had been sheltered in investments, retirement funds and business ventures.

People have paid a terrible price, and so have the dogs, cats and other animals that have become part of their families. Since the dawn of time, the fate of humans and their animals has been inexorably intertwined.

California has been one of the hardest hit states during this recession, with soaring foreclosure and unemployment rates, increases in homelessness, and the virtual bankruptcy of government on all levels. In California, Santa Barbara has been hit particularly hard.

It simply is a fact of life that when people lose their jobs, homes and savings, their pets also pay a harsh price. Pet abandonment is on the rise, and many people have been left with no viable alternative to keep their pets. When people lose their homes, few landlords allow tenants to keep pets.

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