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Current Replies for Does anyone have info on the American Indian Dog??
3/21/2009 2:15:18 PM
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I am looking at getting a dog and so far, the only dog small enough for my mom to agree on that has caught my eye is the American Indian Dog. Ive researched a lot but some websites say different things. I was hoping to talk to a breeder or someone who actually lives with one of these dogs.

Anything would help! Thanks
3/24/2009 3:30:29 AM
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I have seen 2 Native american indian dogs.. at the vets office.. small? THIS is NOT a SMALL BREED.. the two I have met in person.. one was 50lb the other 100lb
Perhaps the "American Indian dog" is diffrent? or a smaller sized bersion of this dog? I would worry about the final size..

The temperments where very shy and reserved.. not outgoing.. not aggressive.. but destinctly not every ones friend type dogs... so if you are looking for a outgoing type dog.. may not be the breed for you..

both native american indican dogs... dogs where owned/fostered by experience dog people.. Both said that they are not a good "first" dog breed for a pet owner.. both where RESCUE dogs.. because the original owners could not handle them..

you may find it far easier and a better match to consider many of the smaller reconized breeds..with a more outgoing personalites.. or a med small rescue..or at the very least find numerous good breeders to meet and evaluate.. I would guess there are not many breeders around that breed these dogs.. this can be a problem.. I would always suggest if you are going to get any dog.. meeting SEVERAL breeders and MANY dogs..get a good feel for the breed as a whole also sometimes one breeders opinion can be good or bad..
far to often owners meet one dog.. fall in love with it and find out that specific dog was actually a bit atypical for the breed.. in size tempermemnt health..

Just some thoughts..


3/30/2009 10:21:48 PM
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There are two types of American Indian Dogs. One is the smaller one that I'm assuming you are looking at. The other is the larger one that I assume the other poster is talking about. They are VERY different types.

I know two of the smaller ones. They are very sweet, very smart, very friendly dogs. They also seem to have a lot of health problems and spend a whole load of time at the vets. I don't know if it's just these two or the breed in general.

Personally I'd look at other truly established breeds. There is only one breeder of the type of American Indian Dogs you are talking about and to me that's a bit suspicious.
4/10/2009 4:50:52 PM
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I know of some people who have American Indian Dogs.
They are very intelligent and athletic,
being that the Kelpie breed had been used.
And the claim of the breeder as they being the healthiest
is simply not true.
There has been some health issues with them.Not all, but quite a few.
Seizures being one of them.
They are not the same as Native American Indian Dogs.
Those can get very big, and come from a different breeder.