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Current Replies for IN house bill 1468
3/11/2009 5:02:07 AM
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News on Indiana. The fight is on and everyone has to get into it. Foot work is essential at this point, and meet and greet your legislators on a personal venue is of utmost importance.
Remember: Do not negotiate, do not take prisoners, this is a win all/lose all situation.
Kill “The IN Killing Fields Bill” of the HSUS!

Cathy M

From: Jubilee PBGVs
Sent: Tuesday, March 10, 2009 11:28 PM

I just hung up from a lengthy conference call in which some new, very disturbing information came to light regarding the current status of HB 1468.  As you may have heard, the bill did not advance as expected directly to the Senate Corrections, Criminal and Civil Matters Committee, but was instead sent back to its original House authors for revisions.  This is a double-edged sword.
First, based on the amount of correspondence she received in opposition to the bill, Rep. Jackie Walorski made it her personal mission to visit as many kennels as possible in an effort to educate herself more fully on how dogs are kept and what is required to produce healthy, well-adjusted dogs.  She discovered that she knew very little, but now understands more fully that a breeder cannot be judged simply by the *number* of dogs they keep - but must be evaluated on the basis of standards of care and conditions under which the dogs are kept.  She also now understands that care and conditions standards cannot take a "one size fits all" approach.  After dedicating herself to learning more about dog breeding, she has now "come over to our side" and opposes HB 1468 as it was written when it passed out of the house.  She plans to withdraw herself from sponsorship of the bill.
However, with the good comes the bad.  Rep. Linda Lawson (the HSUS patsy), has taken an even stronger stance against dog breeders, and has vowed to PASS this bill, even if she has to split it up into bits and pieces and attach it one provision at a time to 15 or 20 other bills.  The fight is ON!!!!
Despite a rumor that has been circulating in various circles, HB 1468 has not been killed!  It is still alive and a huge threat to us all.  Making matters worse, an AKC breeder/judge has taken it upon herself to dismiss all groups who have come together to fight the bill and attempt to position herself as the "voice" and "representative" of ALL dog breeders in the state of Indiana!  She does NOT speak for me, and I doubt seriously that she speaks for any of you, either.  In fact, we don't even know what she's saying since she has basically told everyone to "stay out of it" and she will handle it. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT take that advice!!!  She is currently attempting to negotiate a "compromise" with the  HSUS that will throw the majority of dog owners and breeders under the bus!!!
Please, do not stop any of your phone calls and letters to the Indiana Senators.  According to Sen. Steele, the calls and emails in opposition to HB 1468 have far outnumbered those in support of the bill.  However, what everyone needs to realize is that we are up against the wealthiest animal rights organization in the world....HSUS...and they will stop at nothing to see this bill passed.  At present, they are running billboards in the northern half of the state which stay, "Stop Puppy Mills," showing very sad-faced little puppies in cages.  The billboards give the contact information of and are encouraging people to contact their legislators in SUPPORT of HB 1468.  John Q Public knows nothing, and I mean NOTHING, about the true goals of the animal rights organizations OR the end result if this bill becomes law.  The battle is going to become much harder and HSUS will become even more fierce in their efforts to see it passed.  Do not forget the #1 tactic used by the HSUS and PeTA...which is "Divide and Conquer."  We cannot allow a splinter group or single individual to usurp the rights of all dog breeders in this state.
Please, do NOT make the mistake of donating to the Indiana Purebred Dog Alliance.  It is a person from that group who is willing to throw everyone under the bus to protect her interests alone.  She is not working for the benefit of all dogs and all dog breeders in the state.  Hunting groups, sporting groups, and even herding groups will be hurt if she is allowed to reach her "compromise" with HSUS.  It is imperative that we all contact Sen. Steele, both by email and phone calls to let him know that Nancy Foley does NOT speak for us and that we still OPPOSE HB 1468.  We need to increase the numbers opposing the bill, as well.  As this battle progresses, HSUS will call in all its minions to email and call in support of the bill.  We MUST keep them to a very small minority.
For those of you who are planning to attend the Responsible Breeders Rally at the Statehouse on Thursday, I would strongly encourage you to introduce yourselves to Jack Hyden, from the Indiana Beagles Alliance.  His advice and guidance CAN be trusted.  I'll be in contact with him again tomorrow and will let you know how you can easily recognize and identify him.  He will be there!
As a reminder, emails are good and a very important tool to use in this fight.  However, phone calls really will carry more weight.  Please call Senator Steele's office to register your opposition to HB 1468.  Ask all your family members and friends to do the same.  The more voices we have opposing the bill, the greater our chances for success in protecting the rights of dog owners and breeders in Indiana.
Thanks for the help!
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