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Current Replies for Do Or Die For Illinois Dog Owners
3/9/2009 12:30:32 PM
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Illinois Dog Owners Face Two Do-Or-Die
Senate Legislative Hearings This Week

Kennel & Tail Docking Bills Set For Key Committee Votes

American Sporting Dog Alliance

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SPRINGFIELD, IL Key state Senate hearings are scheduled this week on proposed Illinois kennel and tail docking legislation that targets people who raise high quality purebred dogs. It is urgent for Illinois dog owners to take decisive action now to stop these destructive bills that stem from a clear animal rights agenda.

Here is a summary of the two Senate bills:

Senate Bill 139 faces a hearing this coming Tuesday. This bill defines tail docking and ear cropping as torture, which is a felony animal cruelty offense. Tail docking would be excluded if it is done by a veterinarian, but only for medical reasons. Tail docking for utility or to meet a breed standard would be classified as torture. This bill is aimed specifically at many of the most popular breeds, including spaniels, terriers, working dogs, stock dogs and Continental pointing dogs.

Kennel legislation targeting purebred fanciers was stalled in the state House by an outpouring of opposition from dog owners. However, the animal rights groups now have made a quick switch to the Senate version of the legislation, SB 53, in the hope of lulling dog owners into thinking that their work has been done. The Senate will hold a hearing on this legislation on Wednesday. It has been amended slightly to ease some of the earlier restrictions, but remains a very dangerous bill that will entrap almost everyone who raises dogs.

This report will profile each bill separately, and complete directions for taking action will be described. To read the full report, please follow this link:

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