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Current Replies for HSUS Bludgeons Heartland Dog Owners
2/16/2009 11:58:46 AM
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HSUS Bludgeons Heartland Dog Owners

Legislation Up For Vote Now In Indiana & Oklahoma, Hearing In Illinois

American Sporting Dog Alliance

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The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has launched a 34-state offensive against people who raise dogs, and the heat has been turned up to high in Indiana, Illinois and Oklahoma. In all three states, actions are scheduled for this week that may have a profound impact on everyone who loves purebred dogs

It is imperative for dog owners in all three states to take a stand now and play an active role in working to defeat this legislation.

HSUS claims the legislation is meant to regulate “puppy mills,” which is the derogatory term used by animal rights groups to describe commercial kennels.

In fact, however, all of this legislation actually is aimed at high quality avocational breeders of purebred dogs who are not involved in any way with the wholesale pet trade. The targeted breeders are the people who work the hardest and care the most about improving their chosen breed of dogs.

Action is scheduled this week on:

· An Indiana bill that will make anyone who sells even one litter of puppies a year into a pet dealer. This bill was snuck through committee with no notice given to dog owners, and has gone to the full House for a vote. Many serious hobby breeders also would be classed as commercial kennels for very intense regulation and a prohibition of outdoor housing that is dangerous for hunting and working dogs. Many rescue groups also would be destroyed.

· An Illinois bill snags up everyone who owns three intact breeding females under commercial kennel rules, and sets a 20-dog maximum on the number of sexually intact dogs that can be owned or possessed. Many trainers, handlers and serious hobby breeders would be harmed needlessly. We also urge dog owners to sign our online petition to stop this bill (see below).

· And an Oklahoma bill passed through committee by an 11-2 vote and is headed toward the full House for a vote. This legislation targets anyone who sells, offers to sell, gives away or adopts out 25 or more dogs or puppies a year, by subjecting them to truly totalitarian enforcement measures. Some rescue programs would be destroyed.

Each of these states will be profiled separately below.

The American Sporting Dog Alliance recently released reports that have covered HSUS initiatives this year in Maine, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Florida, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Illinois, Texas, Minnesota, California, Montana, Virginia, Colorado and Oregon. Updates and new reports will be released this week about legislation in California, Montana, Nebraska, Tennessee, Florida, Washington and Texas. HSUS-sanctioned legislation is expected soon in Ohio, North Carolina, Michigan, Arizona, New Mexico and Wisconsin.

HSUS is an extremist animal rights group with the long-range goal of eliminating all animal ownership in America. It recognizes the political impossibility of doing this immediately, and thus has adopted an incremental strategy of tightening the noose. Its strategy also is to develop and exploit sensational emotional issues, such as “puppy mills,” and then to extend the definition and impact far beyond the stated goals. HSUS, which has annual revenues in excess of $150 million and dozens of employees and professional lobbyists in many states, is the political arm for the animal rights movement. It does not operate a single animal shelter anywhere, despite its name.

HSUS has vowed to strike dog owners in 34 states early in 2009. Organizations that defend the rights of dog owners are, quite frankly, being overwhelmed by this concerted attack. HSUS learned a lesson last year, when dog owners were able to defeat them in almost every fight, because they were spread out over many months and allowed us to focus our limited resources. This year’s HSUS strategy is to attack everywhere at once, and use its army of highly paid employees and lobbyists to push through legislation quickly. It has the money, personnel and organization to wage this blitz attack, but dog owners simply lack the resources to effectively combat it. We have been placed totally on the defensive.

Thus, we are urging dog owners to get off of the sidelines and take a very active role. We also are urging you to support at least one organization that advocates for dog ownership rights with both donations and a sincere commitment of your time and talents.

We also urge dog owners to form alliances of mutual support with farm organizations, sportsmen’s groups, firearms rights advocates, landowners groups, and people who defend property rights. These diverse organizations fully understand the ramifications of the animal rights movement on American traditions and life.

Please follow this link to see detailed reports about the legislation in Indiana, Illinois and Oklahoma, and also to find information you will need to take constructive action and sign our online petition: .

Visit us on the Web at, or contact us at .

2/19/2009 5:54:49 AM
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"...eliminating all animal ownership in America..."

I appreciate your passion and your consistency. Sometimes we don't have enough of that in the world. But I wonder if the "alarmist" approach might not be counter-productive. I might be the only one that thinks this, but HSUS does not really want to take away dog ownership. Pray tell, who do they want to rescue all those dogs in shelters?

I have a very good relationship with local HSUS folks. And I make my living selling products to breeders. In almost every case, I believe my buyers are reputable, responsible breeders. That is not the problem we are facing. And that is not the problem HSUS needs to attack.

I live in a very rural area. Out of control mating is rampant. Dogs wander down our streets (largely dirt roads). Our local shelter tells me of owners that have an entire litter of puppies just so they can pick out the "one" they want. Then they leave the remainder at the shelter! This is TRULY a problem that much of America doesn't see (you mostly need to live in rural areas to see it). Good breeding is NOT a problem.

So extremism on the part of HSUS, or its foes fogs the realities.

I say, let's be rational in our observations and comments and we will get more yield.

Best wishes.
2/19/2009 12:35:24 PM
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You obviously bought into the HSUS and PETA party Line. You should read their website, where it clearly indicates their goal is to END all Domesication of Animals.

HSUS have NO shelters. Any dog/cats they collect they kill. I wonder how long you will have any breeder customers if they find out you are buddy buddy with HSUS. I know i would personally dump your services in a blink of an eye if i found out.

That means No Eggs, No Milk, No No therapy dogs, no seeing eye dogs, no service dogs, no SAR

PETA and HSUS both suck....and that is putting it politely.

Serena Galloway
IGCA rescue Colorado

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2/19/2009 1:10:36 PM
Posts: 409
Bravo Serena!! My thoughts exactly!