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Current Replies for Any Advice about Min Schnauzer???
2/7/2009 10:22:52 AM
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I have a male Min Schnauzer that is almost two years old.

He is in good health according to the vet. Yet, he exhibits a rather unusual behavior.

When he was four months old one night he started lifting his head and staring at the ceiling. I thought he might be going to have a seizure or something.
Poor puppy had a bath at midnight because I thought he might have gotten into something he had an allergy to.

The Vet could not find anything wrong with him. He did squeeze his anal gland, packed it and we went home.

Dog was fine for a while. Then everytime we would have him groomed he would do this the next day. It is very hard to describe what he does so I took a video with my digital camera and brought it to the Vet. Because as everyone knows, when you go to your Vet the dog will act perfectly normal. Every time he could find nothing wrong except possibly his anal gland bothering him. He would pack it and send home prednisone and antibiotic. He will just lift his head and stare at the ceiling. He looks like the wolf from "Dances W/ Wolves" except he never makes a sound.

Last fall we finally had his anal gland removed at the same time he was neutered. He has done fairly well since then. The last time he was groomed (professionally) and we have used several groomers, he did the same thing again. We now call this Zach Syndrome.

He was groomed last week and he has started doing this strange behavior quite often. He seems to do it more at night. We can never find anything wrong with him. Ears are fine, vet said his eyes look fine. I was wondering if he could have some type of eye problem, neurological problem, or possibly be so sensitive to being groomed w/ clippers.

Any advice would be appreciated. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this before with their pet. We also own his sister and she doesn't have any problems like this.
2/7/2009 12:36:12 PM
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First off...find another vet, because it seems this one is not taking your concern seriously. This is obvious seizure behaviour.

However it seems directly associated with grooming. So i would guess it is something the groomer is using that is causeing this. You might want to check the history of products used and see if any of them have the same contents.

Request all natural grooming products and see if there is a difference.

I know some cleaning products can cause seizures because i have a male crested that has a seizure if we steam clean the rug. He is not allowed to walk on it for 3 days after we have cleaned it. If his feet touch the wet rug, within 24 hours he has a seizure. Since we started to carry him accross the rug to go outside, we have not had another problem.

Serena Galloway
IGCA rescue Colorado

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2/8/2009 5:34:38 PM
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Thanks for the reply on my Schnauzer. My Vet said that he thought it might be neurological. His next step is to try phenobarbitol. Is this the common drug used today?

I guess I will have to research seizures..I just didn't think that a seizure could be something as simple as a dog lifting his head and staring at the ceiling. If it is caused by allergy I cannot imagine what it would be. We have tried and use products that are all natural. I have a very sensitive sense of smell and allergies and cannot take the scented products myself. I see that you post to this forum quite often. Appreciate your advice.

Zach's Mom

2/24/2009 7:20:35 PM
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Please check what I wrote under dog allergies in the forum. I would appreciate it if anyone has experienced anything like this.

If you have, PLEASE let me know what you did. Zach has an appointment to be groomed again next Monday and I dread going through this again.

At the current time he is acting pefectly normal.
3/4/2009 7:11:44 PM
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As a groomer, we have alot of clients who come in with "special" requests for allergy prone dogs.

I recommend to purchase your own hypo-allergenic shampoo from a pet shop or from your vet. Even if it says hypo-allergenic on the label, read the ingredient should be a VERY small number of ingredients, and the liquid should be CLEAR and scentless. You could also look online for a home made recipe with all natural, LIMITED ingredients (if your feeling creative) I read my shampoo label like I read my dog food labels.

Also, like the others have stated, request that the groomer not use any calognes, and ONLY the shampoo that YOU provide, NO CONDITIONER.
Also request that they put these special notes in their computer database so they know just incase you forget to mention something next time.

I wouldn't recommend staying with your dog, because in most cases it stresses out the dog and makes them fidget more, which in turns adds stress to the groomer. Make sure you trust your groomer, and form a good relationship.

I would also recommend that if you think it's the clippers that's bothering him (clipper burn DOES happen, and does not always look red and inflamed like we think of it) have your groomer scissor the dog. If you like your schnauzer to have the "schnuazer clip" I would have to say suck it up and live with something "else" lol. If it makes your dog happy, then try a different hair cut. It might cost you more to have your groomer hand scissor your dog, but it will be worth it in the end. If your groomer refuses to do this, find another groomer. You can have a very cute cut if you find a groomer who excels in hand scissoring.

I would also recommend that you find out how the dogs are dried while at the grooming shop. If they are dried in cage dryers, ask that they be turned to a colder setting. Same applies with a hand dryer, or upright dryer...cooler temp. settings. Or even go as far as to towel dry the dog...again If your groomer refuses to do this, bath the dog yourself before you go in or find another groomer.

One last thing! EAR CLEANER- most are alcohol based which is extremely drying and irritating to a dogs ear. Your dog could have nasty ear cleaner dripping down his ear canals which might be causing his funky behaviour. Make your own, or buy an all natural cleaner. I use my own home made recipe...

make a cup of green tea like you would drink it yourself (seap the tea bag in warm water for five minutes)
Add 1 Tbs of sea salt (not the flavored stuff, just regular sea salt)
stir int he sea salt until it disolves, and then soak some up with a cotton ball and squeeze it down into your dogs ear. Wait five minutes and then wipe it out with a dry cotton cleans the wax out better than most cleaners I have bought from the store.

Sorry to be so long, but I hop this helps! Good luck
3/4/2009 8:53:56 PM
Posts: 8
Thank you charliesmama. Wish you lived near Oklahoma City....

I did call & talk to my groomer. They were groomed last Monday and so far Zach is doing pretty well. He will occasionally stare at the ceiling but not like before. He has not been hiding like before.

The groomer said she has a Pug with the same problems. She didn't use anything on them with scent, no conditioner, etc. She said she had some hypo-allergenic shampoo to use on them. Also, she did not dip them this time.

I think she must have taken more time than normal on him. I have prednisone that I gave him Mon,Tue,Wed and I will now cut back on it.
So far so good.....Thanks for the recipe for ear cleaner. I think you are right and that he might have a sensitivity to the clippers. His coat is smoothe and beautiful but I can feel his body and it will feel very hot.

We have used this groomer about four times now and she does a good job. And believe me, they do not like to be brushed, bathed or groomed. I am working on that but need to get a new brush. We have all the grooming supplies because we use to do the dogs we had before. We had a Schnauzer and a Cock-a-pooh-pooh. My husband used the clippers and I hand scissored the Cock-a-pooh-pooh. We have a grooming table, etc. We are hoping that some day these dogs will finally get to the point that they will let us groom them. Sinlof4
3/5/2009 1:30:43 PM
Posts: 117
Hold it right there! Did you say "DIP" as in flea dip? Most flea powders/shampoos/dips are TOXIC to dogs...especially if it is some crap brand like hartz or biospot.

PLEASE do not put any sort of "dips" on your dog if he already has some sort of allergy issue. This is the LAST thing you would want to use on your dog.

We do not use "dips" in our grooming shop, we only have a flea shampoo that is used in very bad situations (like cats INFESTED with 1,000's of fleas.)

The flea shampoo itself (if this is the "dip" that you are talking about) is very drying and damaging to skin. If the dog is bathed and then soaked in flea shampoo for 10 or 15 minutes, then is dried in a hot drying box, can you imagine THEN how his poor skin must feel to have clippers rubbed on him for an hour! Not trying to sound like a jerk, just trying to give you an idea of what the dogs go through! lol

This is JUST my opinion on the subject of flea "dips" and shampoos. Some other people might say otherwise...but you can tell from my last post that I'm all about "all natural" and would never allow those nasty chemicals and toxins in my home, let alone on my dog.

I do however use Frontline plus when needed for my dogs for flea control instead of doing flea baths (which only kills the fleas that are on the dog, once your dog leaves your house, fleas can jump right back on) Most people that come in to the grooming shop don't know this fact, and think that the old fashioned "dips" are the only way to go.

P.S I've tried advantage, and for my dogs this is not as effective as frontline. Every dog is different, just like medicines work for some people but not others. It also seems to last a bit longer. Most vets around here are actually saying that it is a good idea that you switch from frontline to advantage/advantix every other month so the fleas do not become immune to one flea control. Once in a while I will put on advantix to switch it up during the late summer months when misquetos(sp) are everywhere!

Good luck!