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Current Replies for New Cocker Question
2/7/2009 7:32:12 AM
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I apologize in advance for the length, didn't want to leave out anything. We literally JUST adopted a femal Cocker Spaniel last night. She is roughly 2 years old, buff and unspayed. And an absolute sweetheart.

We adopted her for my grandmother (whose mini schnauzer passed away from old age last month) and this cocker (Charlie) is the perfect size. Her history is a little uncertain but from what her rescuer could find out, she was found as a stray by a college student, said student took her home to mom and dad to care for, dad is REALLY ill (needing transplant) and can't care for her so he turned her over to this REALLY nice lady who doesn't run a rescue but is often given dogs and cats to find homes for and she has a ton of dog experience (highly recommended by another actual rescue). We don't know how long the student had her but the rescuer only had her for a tad over a week.

When her rescuer was bathing and groomer her last night as I was on my way to meet her she realized that she was rather thin. Looking at her you can tell she is underweight but it isn't anything major and it should be easy to put weight on her but she has a belly and she definitely eats. Rescuer said that she hadn't had the time to really inspect her prior to last night and that if I didn't have the dog background that I have, she would have kept her for a while. I looked at her and didn't think too much of it, yeah she is skinny but who knows her history and how long/how well that girl was caring for her. I also attributed her belly to having decent meals for the past week and eating not long before I arrived (as did the rescuer).

Well, again I took her. She went right in a crate, was SILENT in the car, did not get sick or mess, took her into petsmart on the way home to get her some food and toys and she was SOO well behaved and she is great on the leash. So someone obviously spent time and worked with this dog. She was scared though and VERY submissive. She comes over to you and right away exposes at least part of her belly. And she did seem a little sensitive to the touch but I was putting at as being scared because it wasn't EVERY time we touched her.

Get her home and my father and brother are waiting with my grandmother at her house. Everyone was very pleased. She was looking around, going right up to my grandmother for treats and attention. My father kept getting on the floor with her to see her better. At one point, she rolls completely onto her side for a belly rub and my father goes, "I think this dog is pregnant". He didn't say it in front of my grandmother and did not tell her because we don't know it if is correct. But when I looked at her when she rolled on the side, she definitely does have a large belly (looks like our Havanese bellies when they are pregnant). But the nipples aren't pink but are a little larger. My father gives her about 3 weeks, if she is pregnant.

Now, she is a little sensitive around her ribs and her belly but as I said, it isn't all the time. One moment she wants you to pet/rub that spot, the next she whimpers. Around here it takes at least a week to get a vet appointment so we are working on it but I didn't know if anyone has any thoughts on it. Right now, pregnancy makes the most sense. Could the big belly/sensitivity mean something else?

Thank you.
2/7/2009 7:46:38 AM
Posts: 22
Ok, never mind! Just spoke to my father who went to check in on the dog. Her belly is down and she isn't as sensitive. So he thinks it was just the wormer causing the belly and the shots causing the sensitivity. We will keep an eye on her though.