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Current Replies for Breeders and PayPal
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2/5/2009 7:00:09 AM
Posts: 22
Ok, so just looking for other people's thoughts/opinions:

I am constantly looking online at different breeders websites, for different breeds and in different states. Sometimes it is just out of boredom, other times I have someone ask me to help them find a pup of a certain breed. More and more often I come across breeders websites that have that lovely "We now accept Pay Pal" near the bottom of their page. How do you feel about breeders accepting pay pal?

Maybe I am wrong, but as soon as I see that, that breeder is no longer a consideration for me. I understand it is convenient but I feel like it is now a business looking to profit.

So again, I would just like other peoples thought and opinions on this. Other breeders/buyers, what do you think? Breeders that use this as a method of payment, what are your thoughts?
2/5/2009 6:49:34 PM
Posts: 1904
I tend to agree that its not a good sign.

having said that i know several breeders who DO have paypal on their website, but it is for other things that they sell, such as collars, dog coats, etc.

I accept paypal for my dog coats, but it is not even mentioned for any dogs i might have to place and i would not accept it anyway and if asked i say no.
Serena Galloway
IGCA rescue Colorado

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2/6/2009 8:19:04 AM
Posts: 11
I was just taken for $2000 by a breeder that would only accept paypal or cash. I should have known better, live and learn. I paid cash because she would not accept credit card check/personal check. See posting on this site "BEWARE OF BREEDER". Breeder is listed on this site in Williston FL
2/7/2009 6:17:35 AM
Posts: 1904
I guess one thing i forgot, because i have never had issue with it....

IF you do use paypal to purchase a puppy, and there IS a problem, as in the above mentioned individuals case, you can use Paypal to get your money back.

IF you had paid for your puppy with paypal, and then returned it, and had proof you returned it, you likely could have gotten full funds back with Paypal, and they would have gone after her for the amount.

Just a thought.

Serena Galloway
IGCA rescue Colorado

No Part of this msg may be forwarded without the author's permission
2/7/2009 4:24:22 PM
Posts: 97
I have mixed feelings - it raises a red flag but doesn't necessarily eliminate a breeder. I once bought a puppy on a credit card- from a top breeder we have known each other for years. At the time it was just the easiest thing to do-neither one of us thought anything about it. I also once set up to recieve a PayPal payment as that was how the puppy buyer wanted to pay- wonderful home and actually the buyers preference. But there are also a lot of puppy millers that do advertise PayPal and will sell to anyone who has the money. Hence the red flag
2/9/2009 8:24:52 AM
Posts: 3
I don't find it wrong to use PAYPAL. It is not a judge of character or a litheness test of integrity it is just a method to receive payment and it happens to be a popular and easy method. What you need to judge is HOW MANY puppies this the person selling and what type of breeding programs is it. I have received deposit using PayPal before on puppies because it was faster and the owner trusted that method the best.Di Leslie
Mingtime Shar-pei-Crivitz,Wisconsin
2/13/2009 8:54:45 AM
Posts: 2
I understand that when you see a Paypal link it could cause you to be cautious at to the quality of that breeder. Very understandable. But let me offer you a different point of view. I am a breeder and do have a link on my website for Paypal. This link in on the same page which lists my contract and explains what I offer as a breeder and what I expect from the buyer. I very rarely receive deposits this way. Actually, even though I have a waiting list long before the pup's births, I don't accept deposits until the litter is actually born. These deposits are mailed to me. My puppies sell usually within the first 2 weeks as I get many referrals and repeat buyers. I have had situations, however, where a buyer will back out shortly before the pups are due to go home. As the time is getting near for the pups to leave, and it is a very busy time for me, I will accept the deposit through Paypal from the new buyer. As stated at the Paypal link, they must be approved by me first to pay this way. I do not sell my puppies to just anyone who wants to leave a deposit. After finding a new buyer, if I waited for a check at this late date, turned other buyers down, and then found out the check did not clear, that would not be in anybody's interest, mine, the puppys, or a another possible buyer, that was turned away. I do not see this as being an indication of being a less than quality breeder, but a good business person (one can be both). In looking for a quality breeder, I focus on the whole package that is offered -- pedigree of the dogs, titles they have earned, the contract, references, and most importantly in my opinion, that the proper health clearances of that breed are done. Hope this helps you to see another side of this valid quandary. Michelle of Moa's Goldens.
2/13/2009 8:25:56 PM
Posts: 47
I agree with the "red flag" when I see a breeder's site that has a "pay now" via PayPal type button, or a "click to put a deposit." I even saw one breeder's website that was set up like a shopping cart!! Ugh. But I agree with the earlier poster that it is a valid method of payment, for someone who has been interviewed and approved. So I don't think the mention of PayPal is instantly a bad thing. Just depends on the context.
2/14/2009 7:18:43 AM
Posts: 6
I'm a Yorkie breeder. There are so many dishonest people out there, and so many scams. I hear so many sad stories. I have offered Paypal for a few years now as one of my ways to assure the buyer that I am not a scam. I only take it for the deposit (which is a small portion), and hold the puppy of their choice. I have a good reputation, with 35 years exclusively raising Yorkies. Most of my litters are reserved when a few days old, so there has to be a way for buyers to feel safe. Paypal is safe. It protects the buyer quite well, and will even allow a refund of their payment. With breeders being scammed and buyers, too, I find it a useful tool once someone has been interviewed and I've decided I can accept them as a new puppy owner. If you accept mailed personal checks they may bounce, or Money Orders may be a scam. And people dont want to mail cash, so there are not many good choices. I would definintely not just dismiss considering a breeder if they offer my case, it is for your protection!
2/14/2009 7:23:17 PM
Posts: 22
Thanks to everyone who responded. Really gives me some things to think about. I never really thought about all the possible reasons for using it. I just sort of saw it as a way for puppy millers and byb's to do business with even less interaction with the purchasers. I'm still not really that comfortable with it but if I knew the people on the recieving end were good, reputable breeders, then I wouldn't be too worried. I guess the times are changing and I have to start being more open to different things, as long as I am smart about it.

And I too have seen breeder's websites with not only pay pal but a shopping cart, disgusting.

Thanks again!
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