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Current Replies for short heat cycle
1/28/2009 6:17:42 PM
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Just wondering if any of you have had experience with short heat cycles. I have a little bitch who has just come back in -- her first heat was four months ago. She had a false pregnancy with her first heat.

I'm hoping that with age she'll have at least six months in between.
1/29/2009 4:54:16 AM
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You can hope it will change BUT I have 2 dogs that regularly cycle every 4 months and one that cycles once every 11 months Keeps you on your toes!
1/29/2009 5:03:27 AM
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i have heard of that. I was showing a dog for someone that promptly came in season, when they dropped her off. The cycle itself was shorter appearing that normal, so my suspicions were up anyway, but then less than 3 months later, she came in season again. This time a full cycle.

I cannot help but wonder if the stress of mom and dad, cause she was a spoilt brat, leaving her somewhere, shortened the first cycle?

Serena Galloway
IGCA rescue Colorado

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1/31/2009 3:57:32 PM
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My three year old Dachshund bitch just got through with her season that was also only 4 months since her last one.

She had ALWAYS been very regular, almost to the day with her heats being 6 months apart, ten days of bleeding, etc. Except LAST time, after her heat went by like normal, she had "some" symptoms of false pregnancy (about the same time she would have been due if she had been bred) like nesting behaviors, moodyness and loss of appetite.

I'm hoping that this doesn't screw up my other bitches normal heat cycles, and I'm also hoping she will come back to normal with her heats being every six months.

My other bitch, who will be two in August, had some hard mammary lumps some time after she came out of her first heat and I was worried so I took her to the vet to get them checked out and both my vet and my breeder said it's common for dogs' mammory glands to sort of "back up" with fluid after coming into season because of hormones, which is totally understandable. He gave her a does of some sort of herb or homepathic remedy to help "regualte" her girl parts...I will call the vet sometime and get the name of this, because it was also reccomended to me that I give this if I have a bitch that's going through a false pregnancy. Or if anyone else knows the name of it, please share!

Also, I don't know if this a dog out of your breeding, or whatever, but it may help to check the blood lines and see if this sort of thing runs in the family. (yes alot of it could be environmental, but it doesn't hurt to check anyway.) My breeder has also had some false pregnancies occur in her lines in the past.
2/2/2009 7:09:44 AM
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This has been a full cycle. She in "lockdown" now and not too happy about it. I'm not too worried about it, although every four months is a bit of a headache.

I don't worry much about the false pregnancies as long as there is no infection/mastitis/etc.