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1/16/2009 5:05:37 AM
Posts: 97
My favorite Great Pyrenees bitch Ch Patorama One Lump Or Two has earned the coveted achievement of Top Producing Bitch for 2008!! Six of her offspring earned their championship last year

The sire of these six also was runner up to Top Producing Sire
1/18/2009 8:41:47 PM
Posts: 409
1/19/2009 5:14:33 AM
Posts: 1904
Congrats!!! thats an awesome acheivment!

Serena Galloway
IGCA rescue Colorado

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1/19/2009 9:15:08 AM
Posts: 75
Congratulations!! I bet that was one gorgeous litter of pups, too. I was watching a dog show on ESPN yesterday and it never fails to impress me how much effort people put into their show dogs to get them to that point. Very impressive.