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Current Replies for Good Maltese breeders - where are you?
1/11/2009 10:09:13 AM
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I am looking for a puppy from parents who have had their health clearances (OFA, CERF, BAER) and have bred strictly to the AKC guidelines.

Thank you!
1/12/2009 5:11:20 AM
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Have you tried the breeder referral on the Maltese National Breed club website?

Serena Galloway
IGCA rescue Colorado

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1/13/2009 6:44:12 PM
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There are some listed that list testing.. on this website.. have you tried them?

Is it a location problem? you could also contact the breeders you like that are listed here and they may also know someone else in your area to contact..

Contacting the national breed club as mentioned..

you could also try going to a show to meet breeders and possibly get a more local refferal too.. or the AKC does list several and events.. to find one in your area..

Good luck