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Current Replies for Dangerous dog toy - please read
1/9/2009 6:47:58 PM
Posts: 46
We just received an email from a site user regarding a dangerous, and common, dog toy. It is a rubber "pimpled" ball, with a bell inside, and a single hole in the ball. There are multiple reports of dogs who had been biting down on the ball, then when releasing the pressure, the vacuum inside the ball literally sucked the dog's tongue into the interior of the ball. One dog suffered enough damage that his tongue had to be amputated.

The ball has been recalled, but it doesn't hurt to put the word out! Here is a link to a report of the story:

I know I have seen this type of ball in some "assorted dog toys" bags, and also as a cat toy, I believe.
1/9/2009 9:18:37 PM
Posts: 25
This report came out several months ago. A simple solution if you own one of these balls is to put another hole in the ball. Doing so will not allow the vacuum that is created with only one hole.

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1/21/2009 11:57:10 AM
Posts: 4
Good call. That's still crazy though - ouch