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Current Replies for commercial carpet cleaner
12/24/2008 9:46:15 PM
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I just bought a commercial carpet cleaner with steam from to clean the carpeting in my house. As much training as I have given to my dog, he still has more accidents on my carpet than I had hoped ... even after 5 years!

I haven't received the machine yet, but hope it works for carpet stain removal Daimer has a new carpet cleaning solution that's green and supposed to clean very well. I bought a couple of gallons of it. I really need to get a total solution that works for me.

Has anyone out there bought a carpet cleaner to clean pet stains from their carpets? Is it doing the job you expected?

Did you buy one with heat? I was told carpet steam cleaners are more effective than carpet cleaners without heat. The heated ones also help to kill bacteria from what I understand.

Did I make a good decision to buy a machine with heat versus no heat?

1/1/2009 12:15:09 PM
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Carpet cleaners and dogs are usually not the best route. First of all carpet cleaners leave a residue on the carpet, most cleaners actually erode the carpet fibers over time. We would always recommend that if you need to clean your carpets from accidents that have happened during the last two (2) weeks that you use Capture - it is a dry carpet cleaner that is safe for people, children and pets. If the stain/accident is older than 2 weeks, you will have to resolve to eventually replacing your carpet. There is no way for the stains to be completely removed from the fibers after 2 weeks and the odor, although you may not be able to smell it, is there and the animal can smell it, using the area again instead of outside. Capture can be found online and at Home Depot, Carpet stores and Lowes.
1/2/2009 12:20:11 PM
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I think it does help somewhat...we have one with heat too...but the key to getting the stains out and the smell (getting it out so your dog doesn't smell it either is key) is using a cleaner that has "enzyme action" somewhere on the label. It can be labeled for pet stains, but if it doesn't have active enzymes in it, it's garbage. Some of these cleaners (natures maricle, simple solution) can go right in the steam cleaner....but I would soak the stain for 30 minutes with this solution and THEN go over it with the shampooer.
The enzymes have to have enough time on the stain to break down the smell and bacteria.