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Current Replies for Doggy needs Socializing training
12/14/2008 7:27:29 AM
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I have just adopted a sweet 1.5 year old cockapoo named Byron. He is very friendly, playful and really good with the kids and loves everyone. My big issue is that when we walk him if another dog comes around he goes nuts. He gets over excited and ends up either in a fight or entangled mess.

We have come to the point where we dread walking poor Byron. If I see a dog I have to turn around or walk accross the road and take him in my arms until the dog has passed and far away.

How do I calm him and get him to be more "passively friendly". I'm afraid it's just his nature to be this way.

Looking for advise.

12/17/2008 11:41:17 AM
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I would recommend obedience classes. You'll learn how to redirect Byron's attention to you when you're out with him. The key is to be more interesting/exciting than the other dog. Keep treats with you when you go for a walk. Several times along your walk stop and have him sit or down (or turn circles or any "tricks" that he knows)- keep him engaged. When he's walking right next to you like you want -- TREAT him. Teach him "leave it" for ignoring dogs, dead bugs, food wrappers, etc -- walk past the object, telling him Leave It, and treat/praise him once you've sucessfully passed.

Check your local kennel club for training classes. Obedience is fun and builds strong bonds between you and your dog.