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Current Replies for shepherd husky mix
12/13/2008 11:24:29 AM
Posts: 2
Im currently fostering 5 Shepherd Husky Mix puppies, Im trying to talk my mom and dad to letting me keep one, but i need to know how big they are going to get, i think they are about 4-5 months old right now, and they dont seem that
12/13/2008 3:59:37 PM
Posts: 253
It really depends on the genetics present. I have seen some tiny representations of both these breeds. If you know who the parents are, that will help you a bit. I would be ready for dog anywhere from 50-90 lbs. My female GSD weighs 80 lbs, my male used to weigh 90 lbs and both dogs were healthy (ie, they were far from fat). Both are/were quite tall. The only husky/shepherd mix I have really met was a big girl and weighed in at about 70 lbs.

12/14/2008 3:10:05 PM
Posts: 22
I have a husky/shepherd mix female, at 4 years old she weighs about 45/50 lbs. Last she was weighed she was 40lbs but that was a while ago and she has filled out since then. I got her at 4 months but I don't remember how much she weighed then and I know absolutely nothing about her parents (I rescued her from an abuse situation). It is hard to say what they are going to weigh full grown but it definitely helps if you have an idea of the parent's weights. Skye is absolutely beautiful (all white w/ blue eyes) but she is definitely alot of work, she has a TON of energy and doesn't stop so if you really want to keep one of these pups, be prepared. I have also met another husky/shepherd mix though that is the EXACT opposite of skye and completely laid back. Good luck either way!