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Current Replies for PLEASE HELP ME!
12/10/2008 5:36:44 PM
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I desperately need help with my 6 month old Mastiff mix. I have tried every sort of training with him that you can possibly think of and we still have a serious issue with him whining, both in his cage and when we leave the room. We know that its separation anxiety mixed in with a little bit of a dominance issue (just to spice it up i guess...ugh). If he wants your attention, he WILL GET IT and is incredibly stubborn and determined. We do NOT give into his demands. We ignore his cries unless we suspect that its the "i have to potty" cry, we make him sit and stay before getting petted. This has done nothing. His whining and crying has been an issue since day one, even before he was introduced to his crate. Let me start with a bit of backround....
We got him at 8 weeks old from a shelter, where he had been fixed and shotted. We brought him home and had a crate all set up. he was VERY noisy and fussy from the moment we hit the car on the way home. He cried and screamed the whole way home....we just soothed him, as we assumed that it was an 8 week old baby, of course he is going to be scared! He adjusted just fine, but would walk around and cry. We again thought nothing of this, as hes a baby and getting adjusted to his surroundings. We did baby him to an extent for the first few weeks, but we understood that he needed a firm hand as well. He learned NO very quickly and is incredibly smart. The crying is something we simply cannot break him of. It is bad enough that if he is gated in the living room and i get up to go to the bathroom, he cries as if being murdered. This is also if only ONE of us (my boyfriend or myself) leaves the room. He is not content unless the whole pack is there. No amount of ignoring, NO'S or taps on the muzzle will stop him. When he is in his crate at night he absolutely SHRIEKS until we rap on the top of his cage and tell him NO. We try to give him like a 1/2 an hour to calm himself down, but to no avail. We have tried keeping him in our room- he is worse when he can see us and not get at us.
The REALLY big issue is when we go to work. He is crated, of course, and he screams, howls, cries, barks, whines the whole day we are away. My neighbors are calling our landlord (and this isnt one neighbor...its one from every apartment) and complaining and my landlord, a former dog trainer, is VERY understanding and kind, but also u nderstands that the house is her livlihood and has requested that we resolve the problem NOW, as it has gone on too long and we are sort of at the end of "being understanding." She has offered advice and we have tried everything she's no avail.
To answer the questions that i know are coming-
- He's in perfect health
- He is fed, watered and taken out quite a few times before we leave for work
- He has a bed, blanket that smells like us, his favorite toy, a stuffed animal and a chew toy in his crate
- he is on a feeding schedule
- we do NOT give into his cries and try to soothe him
- We have tried the radio/tv/lights on/lights off/blanket over the crate/blanket off the crate tricks
- He is not having accidents in his crate
-We cannot afford doggy daycare and do not want to give him medications such as tranqualizers

PLEASE help if you can...we're facing either eviction or giving our dog up......
12/11/2008 9:58:21 AM
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Have you tried ditching the crate?

At this point, I would give it a shot. At 6 months, he should be fairly trustworthy in a small room, like the kitchen. Start with VERY brief periods of isolation, and gradually increase the time.

Mary Anne
Nekatzuki Shiba Inus
12/12/2008 7:14:55 AM
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Me personally I would consider putting him on medication until you can work through this Clomicalm is a drug made specifically for separation anxiety. Even though you don't like medication your alternate is to give him up where his chance of being euthanized is very high. Pretty drastic for a fixable problem. I have used Clomicalm before to assist the dog with his anxiety until behavior modification is able to be effective and it is a godsend. I also would get rid of the crate and use baby gates and a real chewy like a BIG beef bone or a kong stuffed with peanut butter- something he absolutely can't resist. Rawhides don't cut it in this type of circumstance. There is lots of info on the internet on separtion anxiety and how to work with it.
12/18/2008 9:02:50 AM
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How often do you take him for actuall walks around the town?

Here is a bit of a off beat recommendation.. yes try to ditch the crate.. it has a association with it now.. so might as well remove that issue..

He may not have seperation anexity.. often dogs have issues because we as owners forget that they live in the same 4 walls every day..
They get fustrated and bored... then because of this fustration they develop secondary problems..

I would suggest trying playing with him in the morning, fetch games etc..somthing to take a bit of the energy off.. and a chance to eliminate..Then take him for a nice long walk around the negighborood... repeat this in the evening when you get home..

Be carefull with his still growing bones and joints do not over do it,,so no 5 mile hikes for now.. But a nice quite slow walk should be fine.. He will be mentally tired, physically tired.. sometimes something really simple proves the answer..

Good luck..


12/30/2008 11:20:23 PM
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I would try more physical and mental exercise. You might also try taking a session of puppy classes in order to provide some structure and stimulation for you puppy.

If taking classes is not an option, here in an online website that offers free puppy training classes:
12/31/2008 7:57:26 AM
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What i really dislike is individuals who come on a forum, pick a topic that has not been active for weeks, and then bump it up as an excuse to flog their own business.

The above individual obviously MISSED that part of the posting rules.

Serena Galloway
IGCA rescue Colorado

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