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Current Replies for advice on buying two puppies from same mom help !!
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12/4/2008 1:39:40 AM
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Hi.. I am considering buying two shihpoo pups from the same mom .. they will be about 9 weeks old .. any suggestions? comments ? I'd love to hear from someone who has done this (bought 2 pups) with their thoughts.. someone told me they will only bond with each other and not our family ? what are the pro's and cons.. thank you so much Donna
12/4/2008 5:32:57 AM
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My advice...don't buy them. They are mutts and i am willing to bet your paying way to much for them.

Anymore than 50$ for a mixed breed puppy is too much.

If you want a nice pet, and want a mixed breed, my suggestion is to go to the local shelter.

Serena Galloway
IGCA rescue Colorado

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12/4/2008 9:13:21 AM
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I agree with Serena. BUT, if you have your mind set already (it is your decision to make) or if you want two pups at once you have to be prepared. Are you ready to care for one puppy, let alone two? One pup alone is a lot of work to train and housebreak. Based on my experience: They are going to need to go to the bathroom at different times, so you will constantly be in and out with them until they are housebroken. If you take them both out together, chances are, they are going to be too busy playing with each other to go to the bathroom right away. And if one goes, there is a good chance the other won't. You bring them back in the house and all of a sudden (as soon as you get settled) that other pup has to go again. If you are living in an area with cold temps and snow this time of year, this isn't much fun. If there are accidents in the house (and their will be) you are looking at double the amount to clean up. Of course they grow up and learn but it requires a lot of patience. You are also getting two different dogs. Despite them being littermates. They most likely will have very different personalities. Have you met both pups and seen how they interact with you and each other? One may be very dominant over the other or they may get along great. Your looking at double of everything. Food, toys, vet bills, etc. If you get them home and find out something is wrong with them health wise, you have two pups to worry about not just one. Training them will be harder as well. If you try teaching them commands/tricks together, there is a good chance they will just distract each other. If you enroll them in an obedience class (which I would suggest) you have to pay double and you will need someone to go along with you so each can work with one pup.
I think it is good for a dog to have a playmate, they are pack animals after all, but I wouldn't suggest getting them both at once and at the same age. We have littermates that we kept from breedings, they are about 5 years old now and get along great. But we kept them (did not buy), so we knew what we were getting into, knew what their health was like and how they got along with each other. Right now we have two young half-siblings, one is about 6 months older than the other. These we kept as well. They do EVERYTHING together, including get into trouble. They egg each other on. They get along great and it is nice to see how much they love each other but they are alot of work (and we are very experienced with owning dogs).
My suggestion would be to get one pup, make sure you have the time and patience for it. That you can afford it. Once that pup is trained (not just housebroken, but has gone to obedience class as well) and well behaved, then you should consider adding another dog. But see how one works out with you first.
12/4/2008 9:32:01 AM
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It is hard to train two puppies at once. they will look to each other first, then to you, for company. You should be the primary source of all things good -- food, treats, attention, warmth, affection. Two puppies is twice the work, twice the mess -- and while they may keep each other intertained, that's really your job. Most good breeders won't place two puppies with the same family at the same time.

Sounds like these will be just in time for the holidays, too. Not a good idea. The holidays are stressful and for many people impulsive times. If the puppies have been advertised with any kind of holiday theme walk away. Puppies are not presents.
12/4/2008 1:45:30 PM
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Def. don't do it! My friend got two labs from the same litter at 8 weeks and they took forever to house break, and they had such a bond with each other, that whenever one was without the other, it would rip things up, whine, drool, bark, etc.
It is "do-able" however you need alot of "dog" experience and alot of time. Save yourself the stress, just get one if your hearts set on this type of dog.
12/6/2008 8:16:48 PM
Posts: 75
My bil and sil got 2 littermates against my dh's and my advise, and ended up having to put the female down later on. She was aggressive and never bonded to anyone the way she did to her brother. They were never successfully housebroken and the male ended up living outside where he still is today. He's timid and I'm surprised he's never been a fear-biter. I highly suggest you only get one pup. I hope you aren't fooled by the designer name of the pup and end up paying a silly amount of money for a mixed breed dog. Good luck.
12/7/2008 5:02:13 AM
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In all honest truth.. Very few responsible breeders Would sell you two puppies at the same time from the same litter.. So this is a BIG red flag about this breeders ethics..
Designer breed.. another red flag.. I hope the breeder can show you proof that both parents are free of several common genetic dieases too?
Unlikly BTW.. but here is some information on what your future pups could have.. you are buying a dog.. So do your reaserch.. IT is your resposibility to do everything possible to only purchase from responsible breeders.. if it is too hard to reaserch.. then contact rescue and either ask for help.. or adopt a dog..

As far as pro's.. as pups they will play with each other.. keep each other company etc..

As Cons.. yes they will likely bond with each other more.. and cost and time required to raise 2 pups at the same time is triple the work..

here is a helpfull article..

good luck..
12/7/2008 12:00:19 PM
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12/9/2008 5:47:50 AM
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boy am i glad I posted on this site..LOL Not one positive remark. I am hoping for the best !!I have already bought the two pups and will pick them up on christmas eve.. The breeder is well known and I have gotten lots of great feedback on getting the two pups. I have two children who are 13 and 16 and we all plan on training them and working with them seperately as well as together.
They will keep each other co when we aren't around and at night time.. but I am a stay at home mom with plenty of love and time for them both. If I am wrong about getting the two at the same time. Then lesson learned.. lol
12/9/2008 5:50:17 AM
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I paid a little lower than everyone else out there is charging.I got 100.00 off the 2nd pup All of her other pups are gone.. so I assume I am not the only one paying the price.. lol I wanted a yorkipoo but they are too expensive .. over 800.00 each by me.. so this is my choice.. 2 pups !! I have gotten two mixed breeds from our local rescue.. one lab/ golden retreiver mix 13 years ago.. awesome dog.. one 10 years ago .. Beagle mixed with who knows. NIGHTMARE.. we had to put her down about 6 months ago. That dog was horrible- very stressful.. I have heard nothing but good things about these shih-poo's ..
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