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Current Replies for Golden Retiever is pulling his hair out
11/29/2008 11:29:07 PM
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Hello all. I am looking for some advise. This is our second Golden. Our first died of a heart attack in jan. I am an RN who recently adopted another 6 year old Golden. It was a client's dog who was moving and couldn't take him with them. The dog was used to being crated 8 hours a day and was left alone during the day. When we got him in June his life changed greatly. he is never crated and never needs to be bacause he is so well behaved. He sleeps in our room and he is alone a minimum of 4 hours a day depending on overlapping shifts. He is walked every day and doesn't even got outside alone to do his business, we take him. We walk him daily and he is still pulling his hair out in that one spot. We left his crate up for him for security but removed the door on the very first day. He sleeps in it about once a week when he is really tired or if the vacuum is on. I can't figure out why we can't get him to stop pulling his hair out. The vet has no answers we have taken him 3 times since June just to make sure. I have tried cortisone cream and it works for a day or so and then it is back to pulling out the hair. He has been bathed three times once professionally. I brush him twice a week. I am using the same dog food that he was on before and the hair pulling according to the old owner started about a month before we got him. I thought it might be a grass allergy but here in Canada there is snow now and it is still going on. He also had two worry spots that he was licking on his front paws but those are all gone. I really feel sorry for the little guy. Is there anything I can do to get this poor puppy to quit pulling his hair out. The area is tender after he does it.
I hate to think we are doing something wrong.
Thanks for any input.
11/30/2008 8:39:29 AM
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its probably a food allergy.

Most food allergies are usually chicken OR grains.

So eliminated foods with multiple grain sources in them. ONE protien ONE carb source.

Use a process of elimination.

Could also be boredom. Might want to have some neat chewy toys for him while you are gone.Serena Galloway
IGCA rescue Colorado

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