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Current Replies for Looking for European Bloodline Boxer breeders
10/29/2008 9:40:36 AM
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I am looking for an excellent, top of the line, European bloodline, Boxer breeder. I have an american Boxer now. Shes the love of my life She's fixed. I'm not a breeder. I am looking for a breeder that is true to the breed. A breeder that tests for everything (I know there are no guarantees though). I'm not really into the whole I have 20 dogs and they're all outside in a kennel either. I'm looking for a breeder that cares about what they feed their dogs also. A dogs diet is essential to its growth/development and overall wellness. I want a dog that's bred from both working and show lines. I believe that Boxers are true working dogs and I don't like what the U.S has done with them. Even though I know there are some wonderful American Boxer breeders that have some very beautiful and sweet dogs. I know! I have one
My ideal dog would be a male European line Boxer. That is both physically and mentally sound. I would like to see this dog excel in almost everything I train it to do. Weather its fly ball, frisbee,or obedience, and first and for most a family oriented, loyal and loving pet.
So if anyone has any recomendations on a great breeder please let me know.
11/24/2008 8:24:53 AM
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