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Current Replies for tumour of the palate
10/27/2008 4:11:46 AM
Posts: 7
My Dachshund is almost 16 and now has a tumour of the palate.
I am advised by my vet that he may need to be put down in the near future as this is very serious and any operation (which I don't even consider) would involve removing the upper jaw.
Really I am wondering if anyone here has experience of this kind of a thing.
Of course I wil follow my vet's advice more or less to the letter but I do know that they are far from infallible .
So any advice or information would be appreciated

10/29/2008 11:19:29 AM
Posts: 112
I personally have not had expierence with this but have know people who have with their pets. What I can tell you is that with your dogs age the best you can do is just love him as much as possible. Spoil him rotten and keep him as comfy as possible. Remember he will feed off of your energy so try to stay positive and upbeat. And when the time comes tell him it's ok to leave you. Stay with him when he has to be put down. He depends on you for that.

Those old guys are so very speical. Enjoy each other! There are many support groups on the net. You might check into a couple of those and see what people have done to keep their pups comfy and happy. Good luck with him. Tell him we are sending him lots of warm thougts!