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Current Replies for Reading "Pinned" Threads
10/17/2008 2:58:14 PM
Posts: 2
Hi there - new to the site and trying to read some of the "stickied" or "pinned" threads at the top of the forum and the messages seem to all be truncated and I can't figure out how to open them up.

I am probably missing some incredibly obvious button that flashes "open message here!!" but any help would be appreciated - they seem like good threads and I'd love to read them!
10/17/2008 4:31:44 PM
Posts: 1904
The forum was hacked some time ago, and the admin team has not been able to retrieve the lost topics

Serena Galloway
IGCA rescue Colorado

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10/20/2008 11:54:38 AM
Posts: 1
Wow, could there be a message saying so? I've wasted a lot of time.
Glad to finally understand.
10/20/2008 2:21:51 PM
Posts: 2
Ah, ok - thanks. That's a bummer, I hope those can eventually be retrieved, as the subject lines and what little snippets I can read are enticing!