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Current Replies for Separation Anxiety? New pet owner worries...
10/17/2008 2:00:33 AM
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I'm 20 years old and last September I purchased a mini daschund from the local pet store. He was barely 8 weeks old.

After a year, he is basically housebroken- in the sense that he uses a litter box. He rarely goes outside- strange to say- he's more of an "indoor dog." My friends joke that he was a cat born in a dog's body.

He is precious, just 10 pounds and so loving. He follows me EVERYWHERE. He is crate trained and put there while I am in classes (I am currently in pharamcy school) and has slept in the same bed as me since the night I brought him home from the store.

Now, I don't necessarily have a problem, but I grew up having dogs- a Beagle and a german shepard. This is my first dog on my own, without my parents help.

My question though is, do you think my dog might have a separation anxiety problem? The reason I suspect it is because no matter where I am, my pet always has to be next to me, with some part of him litterlly touching me. May it be just one paw, or his head, or what not he ALWAYS goes out of his way to somewhat be on top of me (as on top of my legs or lap)- while he chews a bone or touching me while he sits, lays or sleeps.

I know it may sound stupid, but I'm worried, I could be setting him up for a problem later on in life. Also- if he's sitting next to me and I move him, he comes back and repositions himself to be near me again touching me somehow. If I am writing a paper for class- he will litterally attempt to lay on my shoulders on the couch so as to be touching me...

Am I making too much of this? Thanks for your insight...
10/17/2008 10:44:13 AM
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Nope...he just loves you.

IF it was separation anxiety this dog would scream and chew frantically at his crate to get out or get thro a door to you. Your neighbours would be letting you know that he has issues.

Serena Galloway
IGCA rescue Colorado

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11/1/2008 6:42:06 AM
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Hi there,
It is good that you are concerned. If your dog is not destroying property, showing stress signals or panicking when you leave, you should be ok. I will point out, however, that things can escalate from this type of behaviour. I like to introduce "place" training for dogs that suffer from SA, and it may help to reduce or remove any future behaviour issues with your little guy. Place training being that the dog must stay in his bed (a nice soft dog bed works much better than a crate because it can be moved easier around the house) while you move around. It has worked wonders with one of my dogs who suffered from SA. Teach it like a stay command (lots of treats and praise), and slowly work up to a long period of time that he can stay in his bed. This helps to add a little independence to his life, as he can no longer follow you where ever you go.
However, all that being said, with what you described, it doesn't sound like SA, but there is always that chance that it could lead to it in the future, so a small preventative measure never hurts. Hope this helps, good luck!!
11/8/2008 2:01:41 PM
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Hello, I had a Cocker Spaniel that did the same thing, she was always with me. your min doxie sounds like a loving friend to you. I never had a problem with my dog, I always left the tv or radio on in the house when i had to leave her in her crate when i went to work. She was always fine when i came home. My dog had to be touching me when we would sit together she was conforted by my touch and warmth and so was I knowing she was with me. You sound like a great pet parent. take care and have fun with your doxie. truley Marianne Marianne DeBrizzo