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Current Replies for Problem with Whelping & Pups
10/14/2008 8:42:51 PM
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My Corgi who has had two large healthy litters has a litter a few days ago. It took 12 hours and a shot of Oxytocin to have 3 puppies. The pups seemed normal and nursing etc... However when the pups were almost 24 hours old one died - she was cold and gasping for air, her nose turned purple. I thought her Mom laid on her. She's a good Mom normally. Then 6 hours later we lost another. Same thing. Now we have one left. I went to the vet and received some dextrose, and other things to help her. Does anyone have any ideas what went wrong? The bitch is 5 years old and has two healthy litters with 7 and 8 healthy pups. My stud dog is getting old - he is 8 or 9 years old. I haven't changed anything. I am a bit confused.
10/16/2008 5:27:53 AM
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It could be 100 different things- puppies are incredibly fragile and not knowing any details like where and how the pups are kept makes it hard to give advice. Breeding is not for the faint of heart as sometimes you lose puppies no matter what is done. If you are considering breeding this bitch again I would get a very thorough work up to rule out any problems on the mom's side- hypothyroidism being of prime consideration. A previous healthy litter does not guarantee the next litter will be healthy as you have sadly found out.
10/16/2008 8:00:14 PM
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Maybe it was nature's way of telling you to stop doing the same thing over and over again. Breeding is supposed to be about improving with each litter, not just repeating the same thing again and again.
10/17/2008 4:35:37 AM
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When ANY pup dies, one should really have a complete post mortom done (autopsy) this often supplies a lot of information about possible issues..infectious issues, Herpes, mycoplama, e-coli.. defects in development.. and such..
could be a mothering issue,,, perhaps she is laying on them..
Could be a husbandry issue.. somthing about the area, place or way the litter is being raised could be a issue..they are too cold, to hot, or in a drafty situation..
could be a infection of some sort.. Brucella? I hope your bitch has been tested? Herpes often causes pups to die suddenly.. also infection from introduction of bacteria during birth or the belly button.. eyes noes.. can cause problems..
How is moms temp? and her milk.. early problems like mastitis and or metritis causes pups to die.. is she free of worms.. vaccinations current? in good health herself??
The truth is there is a 100 reasons.. it is very possible that there is something Wrong with the pups or mom.... and this itself caused the whelping issues and small litter size too.. I would talk with your vet about having some test run on mom and the remainin pup...and if possible the dead pups...
Small litter, difficuly whelping and pups dying is a symptiom of somthing serous.. need to do everything possible to figure out why.. so you can avoid it in the future.. yes some pups do just die... but often there are reasons.. and some are signifigant as far as the other dogs, pups or genetic issues in a line..