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Current Replies for Headless dog starts to struggle for his dear life.
10/7/2008 3:48:17 AM
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Headless dog starts to struggle for his dear life.

that dog isn’t ours.. its just a stray dog that entered within our vicinity…but i saw him funny doing crazy stuff…LOL

no its a dog with mange and he is doing that to scratch his body because it is itchy and makes his hair fall out,and the moron neglecting his dog and videoing it should take the time and money which he seems to have from the home and garage in the background and well the time spent videoing his neglected animal
rather then taking it to a Vet.I dont't at all find this video funny


10/7/2008 12:27:14 PM
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So...what is the point of posting this here? Whoever posted it probably is not a member. While i agree its disgusting. You join, make this ONE post and thats it?

I really dislike folks that join, make one post to either cause a fight or post advertizing, or post things they know will just work people up...why? Just so they can sit and feel like they are superiour in some way????

What a waste of baudwidth.

Serena Galloway
IGCA rescue Colorado

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