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Current Replies for Nervous/Scared Cocker Spaniel at Dog Park
9/30/2008 12:49:47 PM
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My one year old Cocker Spaniel gets very nervous/scared when I take him to the dog park. When not at the park he is shy when meeting new dogs or people but warms up really quickly.

Also I frequently take him to doggy day care where he runs freely with all the dogs and isn't nervous at all.

He has only been to the park a handful of times. Is this something he will get over eventually or do some dogs not like the atmosphere of dog parks?

Thanks for any help.
10/1/2008 11:02:56 AM
Posts: 112
I guess that would depend on whether or not he is being assulted by dogs with no social skills at the dog park. I'm not a huge fan of dog parks because it only takes a few people with little or no dog etiquette to ruin your time. Your dog looks to you to be his pack leader. If he feels you can't or aren't protecting him while at the park he won't feel safe or confident. If he isn't having a good time, why take him? You are giving him a social opportunity at day care, which is great! Just take him for walks and don't stress him out at the dog park.

If you are set on taking him then you are going to have to go during times when there are fewer dogs and you can better control the situation. That way he can build up confidence. Keep in mind that he will feed off your energy. He still may not like the park though.
10/2/2008 11:21:10 AM
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My girl is a prime example of why NOT to go to dog parks. She is wonderful on lead - can meet and greet politely, and ignores others dogs completely when told to "leave it". Being a show dog she's around many different dogs with different personalities - never a problem. Off lead she is too quick for other dogs, she darts around and freaks them out . She has a group of doggie friends that know her and with whom she plays well, but she stresses out new dogs. Her favorite thing in the world is to clean ears -- it's almost a fetish -- but again, it bothers new dogs.

If your dog is happy at daycare and on walks, leave it at that.